Idea Village Copper Fit Back Support Belt Reviews

001 Item: CFBACKXL The product is coming apart at the seams... Belt does not support the way it should... I would like a replacement belt so I can start using it again... The quality is definitely lacking, unless this was not done according to manufacturer's spec's the first time around at the production level... Obviously, the belt was not inspected for defects before it was shipped to me... I thought I was getting a quality product, but the...
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Idea Village Copper Fit Back Support Belt Review

I am upset about how little copper is n this product and tht it doesn't really work! And the fact that I spent extra on the hard plastic that came with it and what are the non mentioned other fibers in there!!! And one last thing I want to return the product but I have to pay to return it!!! Sincerely disgruntled!!!! Della henderson