IDWATCHDOG.COM is a web based credit monitoring service that boasts about monitoring and protecting your credit and any potential identity theft that may occur if you purchase their $200.00 per year plus monitoring service. ($219.00 I believe) On Sunday, 10/01/2017, I contacted IDWATCHDOG.COM to notify them about a, "credit inquiry" by CBNA that I did not recognize. The company tells the customer to do so if they have such entries on their credit report that they, "do not recognize." So,I advise the child on the other end of the telephone that I do not recognize a, "credit inquiry" by CBNA on or around 07/17. The child responded by telling me that CBNA is many times associated with "store" credit cards. I told her I had not applied, nor received any store credit cards. Her response after my revelation to her, STUNNED me. She told me she would send me a "package" that I have to complete and return to IDWATCHDOG.COM along with a police report number. I advised the child that I did not need a police report number, as no crime had taken place..."just an inquiry I did not recognize." She insisted a crime did in fact take place and I need to obtain a police report so IDWATCHDOG.COM could investigate further. I revealed to the child that I retired from a long career in law enforcement (Investigations) and I do not need to contact the police for a report number, as no crime had occurred and I asked her, "What is a peace officer supposed to write in his/her police report?" The complainant looked at their $200.00 a year plus credit monitoring service and found an "inquiry" they did not recognize, so IDWATCHDOG.COM decided a crime had occurred and they need to contact the police and obtain a police report number. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I told the child I am not going to bother the police with such nonsense and make a fool out of myself in the process. Her reply to me was basically, if you do not get a police report number IDWATCHDOG.COM will not investigate anything. What is the difference between a person obtaining a free credit report annually and this outfit? I SEE NO DIFFERENCE. The subscriber locates something they do not recognize and IDWATCHDOG throws it right back on the subscriber to jump through a bunch of ridiculous hoops to determine who did what with a "credit inquiry." Had this information been revealed to me BEFORE I spent over $200.00, I would OBVIOUSLY be $200.00 richer than I am today. WHAT A SCAM! In regards to the child I spoke to, I can only suggest she attend some basic law courses instead of telling people a crime has occurred when in fact she has no proof that one has or has not occurred. ( Hint: there are these things called, "elements" that signify if and what crime has occurred.) If IDWATCHDOG wants to "decide" when a crime has taken place with the minimal information they have in front of them, maybe they can help EQUIFAX with their security breach problem. I inquired about that as well with IDWATCHDOG.COM. The child responded to that inquiry by telling me to go to Equifax's website. WHAT DID I JUST PAY FOR? A child who has been trained to provide the same pat answer to any subscriber's inquiry and when questioned about their response to "ACT" like they know what they are talking about. SAVE YOUR MONEY..THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!
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  • Complete scam and staff with attitude
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