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Pep Boys that they own, truck on fire

Icahn Automotive - Pep Boys that they own, truck on fire
Icahn Automotive - Pep Boys that they own, truck on fire
Icahn Automotive - Pep Boys that they own, truck on fire
Since I just found out that they own Pep Boys on April 3rd 2022 Pep Boys and fishers that you own call my vehicle on fire and now after 10 months later you guys want a totally vehicle and take away the rental and leave us with nothing I understand they gave a little bit of money earlier in this process but that was supposed to be for a back wages because we couldn't work and for part of our aggravation and etc but now it's 10 months later you want to total my vehicle not even give us crap for it and also not even give us enough money to even try to get another vehicle so we have something to drive instead you want to leave us with nothing that is not cool that is nothing but selfish greed on y'all's part I'm tired of talking to your freaking corvel adjusters I want to talk to somebody at corporate because this is not right and this is not fair to leave somebody without a vehicle when they drove a vehicle into your facility and I'm negligence got it caught on fire we didn't catch our own vehicle on fire y'all did I'm going to go to the news and I'm going to put you guys all over the news then maybe you can maybe tell them why you're leaving somebody without a vehicle to be able to even go to work my husband's going to lose his job that means we lose everything that we own because he can't get to work and it's all because of you guys I hope you all can sleep at night knowing that you left somebody without a vehicle to be able to drive so they can go to work and pay their bills if we become homeless because of this somehow if it takes every bit of my body before I die I will let everybody know in the world how Pep Boys and whoever bottom which is you do to people I guess that's why you're being sued all over the place right nice corporate greed not to care about anybody your customers.
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User's recommendation: Don't ever go to Pep Boys cuz trust me they will catch your truck on fire and leave you with nothing



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Pep Boys that you own caught my vehicle on fire

You do business as Pep Boys a week before April the 3rd I took my vehicle in for a fuel leak I was called and told there was going to cost me over $1,000 to fix because the screw supposedly was broke on the fuel rail and they were scared that they would if they tapped it out that they would break it so I was going to have a tow truck there to pick it up on April the 3rd tow truck driver shows up and I get a phone call saying they're not going to release my vehicle I said why he goes because we cut your truck on fire well it is now July the 17th my vehicle is still not done I can't work because I'm a doordasher and a rental car you can't doordash that was part of what we were told I have lost wages I'm stuck here in Indiana and I'm supposed to be in Colorado it's been over 4 months and I get an email from the adjuster that your insurance company Ace has hired the third party corvel as their adjuster and she wants to throw an offer up to me that was a slap in the face I have never been humiliated in my life I have lost so much I could not breed my dog which is a Cane Corso and my puppies are worth 8 to 1200 a piece so I'm not going to get compensated from that with this offer I can't do my garden in Colorado because it's too late so I'm not going to have enough food to provide for me for the winter that I can the stress anxiety that you guys are putting me through I will never do business with Pep Boys again ever somebody needs to contact me from corporate somewhere so we can try to resolve this I am really over this thank you
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User's recommendation: Never go to Pep Boys again

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