Ann R Jba
map-marker Beaumont, Texas

Refuse to cancel plan and refund my money since April.

When I signed up with IAB, they made it sound like a great plan. I soon found out that it wasn't and cancelled the plan, or so I thought. I have sent 4 e-mails and made several phone calls and they still have not cancelled the plan. I am a single mom on a fixed income and they just took over $200 dollars from my account for a plan I cancelled on April 17th, 2012. I am beyond pissed at this point. This company owes me over $600 dollars and I want my money!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not recommend IAB so called insurance to anyone.
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josemolina 072-62-**** i have ta police enage criminal cop giving summons appear criminal court while person disabilty joseluis molina

map-marker Flemington, New Jersey

Phone harassment

Please ask your reps stop the harassment by calling my number 908-788-**** every day. I told them so many times that they have the wrong number. There is no such person call Nick XXX. The harassment started sometime in May. Following are the most recently date and time they made the harassment calls: 7/9/2012 11:58am, 7/10/10:10am, 7/12 2:25pm and 5:54pm, 7/6/2012 1:57pm, 7/5/2012 3:01pm, 7/3/2012 4:39pm, 7/2/2012 4:06pm, 6/29/2012 4:52pm, 6/28/2012 5:38pm, 6/27/2012 3:19pm, 6/26/2012 5:18pm, 6/25/2012 3:57pm, 6/22/2012 4:10, 6?19/2012 8:09pm. This is the number your reps use to call me: 956*-376-****. They claim they are from IAB Health. If you don't stop this harassment, I'll file the complaints to BBB and other authorities. Roger
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C P Khk
map-marker New York, New York

Shocked and soon to be former member

We enrolled with IAB back in May of this year. The woman who sold us the plan TOLD US that we were entitled to a full EMERGENCY COVERAGE in the amount of $5,000. Soon later, our 5 1/2 months old son had a fever of 104 degrees. As common sense will tell (and every pediatrician in the country would agree on), we rushed him to the ER; and I submitted the IAB card which the hospital took and I supposed processed. Two weeks later we received a bill for $290.00 for ER services, which we submitted to IAB for payment as we thought we were covered under the $5,000 umbrella. This billed was not paid so we get a second bill from the hospital and this time after juggling between phone numbers I finally reach the billing supervisor. She tells me that "the hospital that we went to is not in the network so we can't pay the bill; that THIS WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT, therefore we are not covered by the $5,000 umbrella for emergencies and that if I 'in my heart' believe it was an emergency, that I should directly submit a claim to the insurance company because that's all they are going to do from their end. FANTASTIC ENDING miss Supervisor, kudos to you for dismissing a member in such a rude way! and yes, in my heart, my common sense and my doctor's opinion, THIS WAS an emergency! In our view this was a complete SCAM AND A RIP-OFF (not to mention that is also a breach of contract) by those who sell themselves as "advocates" of their members; it turns out that now I have to find an advocate for myself to deal with them , I don't see where or who gave this entity the power to define what is and what is not an accident. I am even considering legal representation or suing them along with other people who have been mislead by their cheap sales pitch. It is bad enough that you pay for a service that very few physicians know about (that is another story) but also that is presented to you with a bunch of lies. If anyone from IAB is reading this comment I hope they are decent enough to offer an explanation, because as things were presented to me, I can see that I will have to legally fight for a refund or payment of that bill.
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The above situation may not have been an accident, but mine was. IAB has been dragging their feet to pay a $1,700 emergency room bill for my daughter, who broke her hand.

There is no question it was an accident. I've been waiting since August for the money. The person I spoke to repeatedly(Carlton) stated the company is understaffed & they are currently working on claims from early October, it is now December 12th. He was rude & the only help he offered was to have the hospital call him.

The hospital isn't interested in IAB's excuses, they want their money. Meanwhile, I'm receiving bill after bill. IAB is a scam outfit preying on unsuspecting consumers trying to get affordable coverage.

I am cancelling my credit card today. Run, don't walk from IAB.


Im sorry to hear about that. However, you must understand that an emergency is not an accident.

IAB categorizes accidents as unnatural events that lead to injury. For instance, I was in a car accident 5 months ago and had to stay in the hospital for 6 days. My bill afterwards was $23,999.72 before coverage. After my benefits and discounts were put into effect, my bill was reduced to a very managable $4,900.

When used properly, the IAB plan is, in my opinion, a terrific alternative to a major medical plan especially when the monthly premium is much less than said major medical plan. It is unfortunate that you misunderstood how your benefits work, because this is a very good plan.

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Zed Xxt
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Max Melrose of IAB is a *** artist and a convicted Felon!

Max Melrose of IAB, told me that Beech Street is the company that provides the first level of discount for all health issues, and then IAB provides further discounts on the health insurance he's selling. He also made me record certain statements into their system in response to voice prompts that would come up every few seconds. He prepared me for these by telling me that what the voice prompts say and what they mean are two different things. I went for it, resulting in my saying what he wanted into their recording device over the phone. I realized afterward, that this is how they protect themselves legally against getting caught for fooling their customers. I also got on the Internet and read many negative reviews about this company, including that Max Melrose is a convicted felon! When I called Beech Street and asked about IAB, they said they'd never heard of them. I immediately called my bank, and had them cancel my credit card, and issue a new one. The next day, I called IAB and canceled the insurance, and requested a refund. Although I also put in a dispute with my bank, I did receive the refund from IAB for the entire amount, including the $15.95 charge, 8 calendar days after the cancellation. This was 4 days before they said I would see it, so I was pretty happy. The total received was for about $190. This guy is really slick and has an answer for almost any question you could ask him. My policy was supposed to cover me for over 70% of the billed amount for hospital charges, surgeries, etc, for a premium of only $85 a month! What a pipe dream! I have diabetes, and other health issues, and the last quote I got from a real insurance company was a monthly premium of $1,200! So, just remember. As much as you'd like to believe someone, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Don't let smooth talking Max Melrose rip you off!
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I looked on the internet and the company I ask for a quote which was Principle Health Care called me and all of a sudden I realize I'm with a company called IAB after they e-mailed me paper work and I had paid them for the first month. This is a scam and when I called them several times...I have not gotten a return call yet.

My son is an attorney and I'm going to see what I can do about this company. I think it sounds like a lot of switch and bait.

Going under one name because the real company name has so many complaints against them. I will update this when I get my phone calls and refund returned to me.


Anyone know how to get in touch with Max Melrose. I was scammed by him years ago. I need to send him a summons to appear in court.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-336612

max melrose 239-303-****


I thought he seemed a scammer... I gave him my soc # and now I am worried..

I didnt give him anything else though becuase i started to think it was weird so i told him i had to look it over and to send me the policy or plan and he sends me wird info packet with no plan just a bunch of *** that isnt the med plan.. i said id get a hold of him later.but he was pushing saying this plan is only offered once a year and may be gone tomorrow???

what .. pushy !

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dave Yei
map-marker Tampa, Florida

IAB Health Insurance/Discount Plans; Mutual Healthcare

I was looking for a plan to supplement my medicare. I spoke to a Mr. Max Melrose from Mutual Healthcare (IAB provider). In particular I needed a prescription plan and some thing to help with the medicare deductables. First, I find out that there will be a $15.95 monthly membership fee that was not explained to me. There was a 1 time $100 application/processing fee. Mr. Melrose stated that there would be a FULL refund--"every single cent"--if I was not satisfied. According to the web site the $100 is not refundable. I was given a "teired" drug benefit and told I could look up the cost of my meds on the internet. When I attempted to go in throughh the IAB site I could not find the information. I call IAB customer services and was connected with the customer service for the pharmacy. They gave me a web site,, to look up the cost of my meds. The only information available was the cost of a particular medication (and in some cases the name and cost of alternative medications) at a particular pharmacy. I called pharmacy customer service again, and was given another site,, to look up the med and the teir it fell into. The site only offers a "sample" listing of meds and the same med look up for the cost of a med by locality. I called the pharmacy customer service ,again. I told them that I was trying to see what teir my medications fell into so I could figure out what my meds would cost. They would only look up 3 meds per phone call--I am on numerous meds. I gave her the name of a very common medication---it/nor other generic equivalents was covered in ANY teir-- and as an RN, the only medication of that type is no longer prescribed by most doctors because they are outdated and better drugs are available. One time I was told that if a medication didn't fall into one of the teirs, it would cost 40% to 60% below wholesale, Mr. Melrose told me it would be 25% below retail; Customer Services said I would have to pay the price listed by locality. Mr. Melrose stated, "I'm your man. Call me with any problems". He gave me his cell phone #--I called and it's disconnected. I called Mutual Healthcare number and got an answering machine; left a message; am STILL waiting for a reply.
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I'm glad I found this post, I purchased some fliers a couple years ago to market the IAB dicount program but somehow never got around to it. Good thing too, I can't find these people anywhere, I wanted to market it but not without knowing the facts. Thank you all


I was approached by this company late Monday and offered what seemed like a reasonable plan. The gentleman on the phone and the script he was using were both polite and professional.

I was uncomfortable about the too good to be true of the encounter.Early the next morning I got on line to check them out. The comments on this site and the many articles about concerns over the validity of this company's statement has convinced me to cancel the transaction through the bank. I want to thank each of you from savings my family from another scam we can not afford.

Don't let anyone talk you into buying without reading first. Bless you all.


THEY ARE A SCAM!! First, this is not an insurance company, it is more of a discount club.

My mom had signed up with this company even after telling her about all the horrible reviews they've received. We were with them for 60 days, and during that time I faxed them one dental claim. I was told I would receive a check within two weeks, a month later, nothing. I called and spoke to the extremely rude male who is in charge of filing the dental claims.

He told me that the kind of procedures I had done were in a category of which had to be done after 90 days of being with them, and that i got them done after 60 days, so I didn't qualify. seriously!?!. We were paying them 400$ a month, and my dental claim would have only given me back 250$ of a 2000$ bill. I called services many about 5 times before I got my procedure done to make sure everything would go smoothly.

Not one person told me about the 90 day qualification.

This company is a SCAM. Don't waste your time or money with these thieves.


I think we can fill a class action suit and get our money back


Cannot get in touch with these guy's at all. How can we cancel?

No one answers the phone just a recording. HELP


I am one of the brokers that wors for American Mutual Health Care. If any one has a problem with there account they can feel free to call me at any time. 1-265-****


I have has 3 phone calls from these people...and every time I request that they send me written info they become very rude and nasty! stating that they cannot do that, they are a non-profit, etc., etc.

when I tell them I will not give them any payment until I know what it is I am purchasing, they become belligerent!




Just like most people here I fell for this companies horrible scam.

When I signed up for this, it seemed like the cheapest option available , then to only realize tat I was throwing away my money into some scamsters lap.

I called them once cause I wanted information on some doctor within ther network, they gave me list of numbers after some 5-8 calls to them. I scheduled an appointment with this doctor to only realize that I would have to pay the whole consulation fees as they had not even heard of any such company.

Later after a few days I called to cancel the services and was told that they are understaffed and really dont know when the customer service executives would be free to call me back.

Please dont get fooled by this companies low prices - It is a BIG SCAM and you will regret it totally !!!


I too feel this whole business with Am. Mutual Health Care and IAB is a scam.

I was told I could get in on this discount program because I had a pre-exsiting condition and I thought well I'll take what I can get. Right off the bat I was given the wrong information about the PPO group I was looking for so I found a dr. I wanted to go to and a month later found out that they didn't really accept the discount program because I was given the wrong information to give to the Dr. to bill.

Well by that time I was already passed my 30 days of a full refund. When I called IAB they told me I had ample time to see that the program didn't work for me if i wanted to change it so it was no longer their problem. They gave me another number to call and I talked to someone in the right PPO group I guess yet when they told me to go on such and such a website and find a provider i called some of those providers and they had never even heard of the plan i was mentioning even though they were on their website as in network providers. I called IAB back and they still wouldn't do anything about it but gave me the number of Am.

Mutual to call and like so many others I am still waiting for Max to call me back so I can discuss some kind of refund because now not only have I paid IAB three months of payment for nothing, I am paying my own dr. bills too. My packet I received from IAB was also dated the 1st of the month even though I didn't call til the 15th. (September) I was told my membership wouldn't take affect til Oct.

1st yet I still got billed for September from IAB. They told me I had to in order to be covered on Oct. 1st. Plus the woman I talked to was really rude.

The few times I called the same woman answered the phone as well which makes me wonder what they have going there.

Usually you call places like that and you get a different person every time. Glad to see I'm not the only one they've screwed but it also sucks for all of us since medical bills are so expensive


I am a licensed insurance agent and was considering working for American Mutual Healthcare. They tell people the IAB plan is a full medical plan when it is not.That is in their sript and that is what they say to everyone they call. That is a lie. It is not anywhere close to a full coverage type of plan

It is a indeminity plan with some RX beneifts and they negotiate lower hospital bills. Your hospital bill may be $100,000 and maybe they negotiate it down to $30,000. But that is not full coverage is it?

They are also using non- licensed people to make the pitch and then hand them off to someone licensed. Beware that they over claim what the coverage is. The product may be suitable for those uninsurable because something may be better than nothing. However they are overstating the amount of coverage in my opinion and do not fully explain what you actually get.

The discounts vary so much, no one can really tell you how much you will have to pay for a hospital stay for example. Up to 70% discount. What is that really? Could be nothing up to 70%.


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