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I had the pleasure to adopt a seal point ragdoll from Ryan Fuller. I was previously nervous at first from all these negative reviews that are plastered on this site but took the leap of faith and purchased a beautiful kitten from him. I kept a strict eye on him to ensure that he does not have FIP (some cat breeders sell cats with FIP and are not aware of it. Currently, there is no way to detect it. The cat would have to grow old enough for the...
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I have owned Ragdoll cats for over 22 years. I have only had one bad experience with a breeder. The breeder this lady was referring to has had a horrible reputation in Texas for many years. My advice before ever giving any funds to a breeder is to check them out thoroughly. There are so many excellent breeders to choose! Check to see how many years they have been breeding, seeing if they show their cats (many times you will find cats with better...
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Anonymous What happens if he is neutered too young? Mine has diarheaa issues and is obese.

I also had purchased my sweet little ragdoll from Ryan too. He has a list of beautiful ragdolls on his website on a monthly basis. I personally did not have a negative experience with the breeder, although the ragdoll did appear to be shy to strangers which makes me think that the ragdoll may not have been socialized well enough. He is a beautiful, healthy ragdoll regardless, and while he may not follow the typical ragdoll behavior, he is a...
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