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was able to buy a Hyla last month and wow what a difference it has made in the house. Nice to have the scents added to the water and I was amazed to see how dirty my carpets really were. Seems like that water always looks very dirty ibn the very end. The product is made out of very nice durable high quality plastics and sturdy,, would have been nice to have a retractable cord but oh well we can make it work. We don't have any allergies or... Read more

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I got someone knock on my door and lie to me to sell this piece of junk . They give you 3 days for returns after that your stuck with it . They charged me $2,000 for nine . It does not suck in the water when using for moping good. After one year if you have pets the hair gets stuck and you constantly have to go in the hose and pull it all out . When you do get to vaccume your left with a bucket full of water with garbage that you picked up . No... Read more

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Used this vacuum once for the allotting time to run while on purifier mode used the ingredients from the bottle given with the vacuum. After that 35 minutes my wife now has two huge swollen spots in her throat (a sore throat of course as well) and the product did not do what it was meant for . In fact , it had a reverse affect and now my wife (who never gets sick ) is now sick Read more

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I cancelled my contract for the hyla air purifier i was going to buy it for 2100.00 i purchased it from Mab air solutions llc 336 e state st Herkimer ny 13350 So the owner comes i told him i could buy it on ebay for 1000.00 He wanted to sell me the machine that i was returning for 1000.00 Rip off artists dont let them in your house. Read more

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My experience working with hyla for the past 6 months has been great.!PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS JOB IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! But ive still met a ton of people who love it too. The product is amazing and im sorry to hear many of you have some sort of bad experiemce with it all. Most of your complaints im reading seem to be either lack of knowledge of the product (probably the fault of an under experienced sales rep) but most people are new and nervous... Read more

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I'm very upset about my experience with Hyla and their product. I expected a new, great running vaccum and accessories, instead, after only having it a few weeks the vaccum hose and head wouldn't work properly. I have a family and that includes pets. When they used their vaccum on my carpets, it worked great on getting the dirt and pet hair up and never lost suction. When I started using mine, after only 3 uses it got clogged up and continued... Read more

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This product is a decent air purifier, but an absolutely worthless vacuum. I'm having to clean clogs every time I use it. I have two cats and a one year old daughter. What's the point of having a vacuum that can't handle cat hair? I vacuum every other day (sometimes more) and this vacuum cannot handle a very light work load. My apartment is never dirty and my floors do not accumulate hair or debris. I don't try to suck up large objects but this... Read more

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My mom got the vaccum for 2.2k which includes a steamer and 46 times of cleaning service of aircon, ceiling etc. Apparently, we've been calling the service person multiple times. However, Sometimes she will switched off her phone, other times she will just ignore. We've called the office, wanting to settle this matter. Thought they will have a solution to it, but to much disappointment we've got no news yet. This is very disappointing as hyla is... Read more

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I realize that this baccuum is expensive, but I have to say it is worth every penny that we will pay on it. Our sales rep was outstanding. He made the purchase very easy to take on. Our payments are so affordable. Truly a blessing. We have 3 dogs in our house. I have bought tons of vaccuum cleaners, and to no avail, they would either die or just got worn out. The hyla is a vaccum and shampooer all in one. I have detailed vehicles for 15 years,... Read more

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WARNING ⚠️. Do not buy. Very overpriced & cannot give it back after 2-3 days of purchasing. Thought I'd be able to give back after just 1 month. But no you're completely stuck with this thing regardless!! Read more

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