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Fake pump and motor repair

After paying them $19220 for the pump and motor repair we couldnt get those parts to work. When I asked for the technical help, the only help I got was the same generic hose diagram that I had already downloaded from Internet before and on one of my numerous phone calls I got very smart advise that there is an air in the system, rudely. That help didnt solve the problem. We had to take those parts to SunSource in Cedar Rapids, IA. Their report to us said that our units had not been repaired with new parts. Some of the them were backwards and some parts were not the correct parts. There was wrong control installed on the pump 75 cc, should be 100 cc; charge pump wasnt genuine and also damaged; valve plate and logic set up wrong for CW rotation; the control and logic was installed incorrectly during their repair. As a result it cost me another $14087.34 for the right repaid by SunSource who is factory authorized repair center for Sun Strand Hydrostatic Drives. Plus it cost me another $3000 for my mechanic trying to install repaired parts. I spoke directly to Sun Source mechanic when was picking up my parts and he is 100% sure that HTS didnt install new parts. They just got them out of bad units, rubbed and put in my motor and pump so they could make the profit higher. If so, that repair shouldnt cost me a fortune - $19220. Its a RIP OFF. Its not fair and not humanly to do this to the customers especially in such a hard pandemic time when small businesses struggle to survive. My prehaulier was broken since May, 2020 and I had no choice but to loan money and move forward with the correct repair. My business was down for 6 months because of them. After SunSources repair the parts were installed and work perfectly after first trial which proofs the quality of their job. HTSs position is that we never cleaned out our oil cooler per their instruction. But my mechanic was worried about debris in a cooler so we choose to bypass it. The cooler is only needed for cooling under working conditions but not for the test trial in a shop. The cooler was reinstalled after SunSource repair and it works daily for the last two months proving that the cooler is not the problem.
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User's recommendation: Avoid this SCAM COMPANY