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This was the email I sent to their "contact" which came back as not delivered ("recipient not found" of course!!). And obviously their 1-800 # does not work either. I thought I was getting free samples from COSTCO and I was just paying postage. However when I checked my account online, I have two pending transactions in my credit card statement from and LHD*LoveHydroDerm. I was surprised to learn that you are charging me...
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I didn't like
  • Not worth the money
  • Money charged to my visa without my permission
  • Money taken without authority

I ordered your samples on-line.I got them. than i keep getting more and more. I got charged for the products I received. I returned them back (boxes 4) without calling. I didn't know I was supposed to call. I couldn't find the number to the company until today. Its been a month since I sent them back. I was waiting for my refund. I was informed that i wasnt getting one. So u have the products and I don't get my money back... I need a solution to...
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Shari So is my problem with going to justified.. Im going in the hospital and I need my money back....

I didn't like
  • No solution to my refund
  • Charges without me knowing no refund