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All of the products come with no return address, no phone number and constantly being delivered.I had to call my bank and get 30 charges reversed and they are still charging me. I think CIBC Bank and VISA may be colluding with these people based on the 60,000 complaints online on this portal alone. When I called the bank they knew all about it, credited the first 30 and when they kept charging me they said it was my fault for not contacting the...
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I didn't like
  • No online phone number or address
  • Its a scam
  • No return address on products
I followed her instructions to the letter and eventually got an email from them stating that I would have my refund in 3 to 5 business days . I received a payment into my account (which I assumed was the refund) and used it for a Christmas purchase. I was stunned the next day when the funds were gone. Hydroderm refuses to accept responsibility for which I am very upset. I have done everything they asked and they are not accepting...
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I paid for shipping on two FREE PRODUCTS advertised on Facebook by Cosco and received AES*AMAZINGEYESERUM and AHD*AMAZINGHYDRODERM.After three weeks my credit card was billed for over $200. When I called they said that they were not samples but the actual product. Still I argued that I took the shipment as it clearly stated FREE PRODUCTS. I argued and asked to speak to a manager.... after several minutes I got a french speaking person... I...
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I liked
  • Trial order cancellation and no further shipping of any product
I didn't like
  • Fraudulant operators
  • Lied about free trails pay only shipping handling