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Husqvarna chainsaws are junk probably the rest of there s*** is probably the same the company and products are only good as there warranty which is not worth the paper its wrote on oilers on saws are faulty them when something goes wrong they say you are at fault had a saw in the shops for two months now I got to pay 100.00 for there screw up the saw is less than a year old suppose to have two year warranty plus added three extra all I got to...
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The 440 chainsaw fuel tank air vent has a design flaw. There is no filter on the air side to keep the little hole from plugging up and vapor-locking the fuel tank. I bought a Husqvarna 440 chainsaw (s# 20132600114) from Lowe’s on 8-3-13. Like many tools you don’t always use them right away.In October, I cut a few pine trees for firewood and, although the saw was a little under-powered, it got the job done. I maybe used it about 15 hours and then...
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  • Faulty product