Leda Ihq

Hunto is amazing

Hunto was amazing .. helped me find what I was looking for. Obviously this must be competitors leaving negative reviews truly an amazing service.
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Gracee Nky

Hunto.co.uk - scammed me!

I used hunto.co.uk to find a private investigator - the "one" they put me in touch with, ripped me off - I lost over two thousand pounds to these people. It's quite clear that the whole website is geared to scam people. Do not use hunto.co.uk if you want to keep your money. I tried contacting them for a refund but was basically told to F.off, the person laughed and then hung up on me.
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  • See above

Preferred solution: Arrested

User's recommendation: AVOID Hunto.co.uk

Dari Yur

Hunto.co.uk are a scam wesbite!

I tried hiring a private investigator from hunto.co.uk and was ripped off to the sum of £ 1000 by the person THEY put me in touch with! Do not use this website - its just a scam to take your money!! I have read so many terrible reviews about this lot - they need to be shut down immediately before they get to steal any more money!
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  • Scammers

Preferred solution: Closed down!

User's recommendation: AVOID THESE SCAMMERS

Donelle Xwh

Hunto private investigators scammed me!