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Had a car loan with first merit that was charged off. I was only 2 months behind and they stole 3500 dollars out of my account. I was only passed due for 750
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Anonymous "Only" two months behind pretty much sums it up here. You "stole" two payments from them but that doesn't seem to bother you at all. Instead you decide it's their fault for ...

After moving away and closing out my deposit accounts, I got an auto loan through them. The service for the loan could not be more primitive. I signed up at the auto dealership and had to wait for everything to come in the mail - just a payment booklet. Online, there are no alerts, no autopay options, nothing. If you rely on emails to pay your bills, you get nothing from Huntington. You can't even save payment account information; you must...
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I had my car loan with Huntington Bank and just paid my car off in January. When I called to make my last payment I asked them to send the title to my updated address. They failed to do this correctly. Its been over a month since I paid my car off and I still don't have a title. Since the title was sent incorrectly by Huntington it's now lost, and they are offering ZERO solutions for me. Basically I'm screwed because they messed up. I am very...
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Huntington Bank Auto Loan Review

Making 56 payments and finding out after I paid late fees I owe 2000 dollars because I didn't read fine print. READ FINE PRINT. Big banks kill us slowly