In one of the money collecting drives they vaccinated my 3 month puppies with lethal dosage of vaccines. fund drive on weekend for humane society, large number of vaccines for their weekend money collecting drive no warning and no knowledge from volunteers of the...
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h.kitchener The Humane Society euthanizes more animals than any other organization. Perhaps you mis-understood and took part in this side of their "services?"

pets became infected at humane society !! went in to have gizmo spayed , two day later became ill . took him back in and told us it was very good chance he had kennel cough. that it is very common for pets to leave their clinic infected with this !! wish they would...
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baaaa Anyone with a brain KNOWS that kennel cough is extremely common in places like that.

I was a member of the Humane Society, sending their organization $100.00 per month since their television commercials tell us they rescue animals from their abusers. They do not. I called them to rescue the dog next door who was being beaten consistently by a...
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Debit Review

I paid $20 and i was debited and until now i Havent gotten it,just chose to Google it now and got to it is fake,pls help me recover my money
Have found that Humane society of the United States (HSUS,) HQ in Washington DC, uses professional phone solicitors. Those solicitors are extremely rude. Received calls from them 3-4 times a day, many times as late as nearly 9 PM. With caller ID and special ring...
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jAMES The HMS stole My DOGS from My yard and charged Me 50.00 to get them back both of them were in top shape but they said I was not takeing care of them!!! BIGGEST LIE THAT HAS EV...


puppyparent I got caught up in the same scam with the Humane Society of the United States. They troll the internet for people with sad animal stories, reach out like they want to help, on...

I brought my female dog to the Humane Society Miami to be spayed, when I picked up my dog later that afternoon my dog was undergoing severe pain when held, doctor stated that she would be fine in a day or two. Days later my dog was not able to walk and would not eat,...
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SALLY Yes. Get a lawyer. Sue the cr@p out of them. They should be helping animals, not injuring them.

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