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Public Insults, Lies, Upset Wife, but the food was OK

Updated by user Jun 21, 2013

Nothing new. Apparently, Mr. Hudson does not care about negative reviews.

Original review May 21, 2013
This restaurant was having a sale on their evening buffet that month. My wife and I took advantage of it a few times. On Thursdays, they offer ribs. The ribs are not on the buffet, but brought to the table fresh. We had been there on other Thursday nights and they always brought plenty of ribs. However, this time they only brought about six small ribs. My wife ate most of them and ask for more. The waitress refused. My wife was upset that she hadn't left more ribs for me and continued to complain. She asked to speak the a manager. (It didn't bother me very much, as there was plenty of other food besides the ribs.) Now, I should point out that I am a cripple. I have been on crutches for over five years and often people have to help me carry stuff. It is very difficult for me pick things off the floor and sometime getting up and down. And I get a little worried when there might be a public confrontation as it would be very difficult to defend myself. Some man came out and introduced himself to me. I don't remember the first name, but his last was "Hudson." He asked me if I had any problem. I told him that I did not, but my wife was upset. So, she told him that she thought we should get more ribs. Mr. Hudson completely ignored her and started yelling at me. He lied, saying that I was in his restaurant three times a week EVERY WEEK, and eat to much. The truth is that we normally go to this restaurant about once a year. We came a few times that month because of the sale. He told us, "that is a buffet, but not an all-you-can-eat buffet." I am sorry, but that sound to me like fraud! There were no signs limiting the number of trips to the buffet and the staff is always bring fresh plates to the tables whether the customers are asking for them or not. My daughter and son-in-law showed up later. It sure took the fun out of the evening. Of course, we will never go there again! However, a few things are clear: 1. Mr. Hudson does not think that women are people. My wife did the talking and his response was to yell at me and totally ignore her. 2. Mr. Hudson is the enemy of the disabled. 3. Mr. Hudson is a liar. I always pay with my Discover Card and it would sure be easy to see that I did not go there three times a week every week.
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