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Hudson Valley Karate is a glorified day care

Beware or better yet stay away! Dirty school, dirty business! Very bad experience. My daughter/husband trained for several years, they only care about the money. My daughter beat his girlfriends daughter in a sparing match, the following day I recieved a call to say that my daughters win was not a "real" win because the girlfriend of P.A. didnt like the way my daughter WON! Here is the funny part THEY TRAINED HER! At any rate my daughter took first place at his tournament, where he just walked around aimlessly. Needless to say she left there (and was so upset that she left all of her gear behind b/c she did not want to go back there) and is now training at a real Karate school...NYMAG in WF, check it out.. "master" A is a sue happy person and if you stand up to him he will run to the nearest court and file a suit against you.....But we beat him in court...isnt that right pete?
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I worked for Peter when he was on Vassar Rd. Mr Reilly (a black belt from Fishkill) tried to help him and Peter tried to become dominant and inflexible.

Through experiencing the dojang and the Peter's treatment of people around him, I was let down. I watched someone who was once tournament driven turn into a greedy liar.

The Seo brothers used to call him "Lurch!" Members of the Southerton Karate family despise Peter Antonelli. He's a fraud!


Wow... I see that you haven't changed Pete!

We went to school together and he is the CHEAPEST person I know. He IS sue happy too. MANY years ago HE bought fireworks, brought them to my neighborhood, HE lit them off and caught himself in the eye with one. He sued (because he didn't want to pay for insurance which he was offered NOT 3 weeks earlier from his company) my family , neighbors, and even people who were there in the afternoon and had left HOURS before HE lit them off.

Last time I spoke with him was just before court and begged him not to do this... I said we can't be friends if you sue my family... his response was... I'm not suing your family I'm suing your homeowners insurance...

Cheap ****! Good bye!!!

He's always been only about the money. Bye bye Pete!


I worked for him and you are correct. This must have been over a fireworks incident


At one time, Peter was a very traditional marital artist. Unfortunately, he now has given up those values to submerge himself in greed.

I agree with this parent. I once worked snd trained with him


my son goes there wit out my permission his father takes him,can u email me the pics?



We know what you mean He is the biggest rip off out there. And from what I know he is not liked at all.

Here is the best part Yesterday I was heading to my daughters Kindergarden graduation at evans elem. school and saw one of his lackees filling 6, 5 gallon water jugs outside his studio using a garden hose from the water nozzle. I have pictures if anyone wants them. I took pictures to show everyone in wappingers just how cheap and nasty Peter Ant.

Is. If you pay to learn karatee at his studio you are drinking tap water from his garden hose because he is to cheap to buy fresh water. That is nasty. God people beware of this place.

I am showing the health dept these pictures. He is messing with children and need to be shut down.

Again if you want pictures let me know. I will show you them.


Look man don't be bashing the school just cuz you couldn't cut it HVK is the greatest and real men don't run to the internet.


*** HVK all the way

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Wappingers Falls, New York
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Hudson Valley Karate Practices Shady Business

This school is a joke. I heard from a friend that there was a wonderful Mixed Martial Arts program at this Hudson Valley Karate. When I went to check it out, I was greeted by this so called "Master" (that's what he called himself) Peter Antonelli. I inquired about the MMA class and made an appointment to check it out. When I told my friends, they told me to make sure I got the REAL MMA guy and not this "Master" Antonelli. I guess there is or was a guy who was legitimate using space at Antonelli's school. When I called the school to find out, I was told that this was a different MMA program because they were teaching a new art called Korean Jiu Jitsu. I then knew this guy was another poser trying to call himself a mixed martial arts instructor, but I wanted to give this school the benefit of the doubt. I didnt have a chance to see the entire school when I first stopped by, but what an impressive facility when you pull in. It seemed very spacious, (however it did have a feint smell of urine). When I arrived for my class, I was dumbfounded to find out I was going to be taught by what appeared to be a 15 year old child. Not only does this so called master not teach MMA, but he has CHILDREN as instructors. Before someone should be able to teach me how to survive on the street, they should at least be old enough to vote. Immediately after this "class", not only do they have the tenacity to try and get me to put down a $1,000 down payment with a 3 year commitment, but the guy who is actually teaching MMA had a class going on. It seems as though this "master" peter Antonelli and Hudson Valley karate are in the business of misleading the public. You don't have to take my word for it...go ahead...visit the school. You will see for yourself.
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I love people who are gutless and hide behind pseudo names to try to discredit others. It shows that they have no character or integrity something that real martial art practitioners have.

Hudson Valley Karate is great environment for children, teens and adults. It is a learning and a nurturing environment for martial artists. I highly recommend it to any family who wants their children to have a great time and learning a valuable skill.

I guess if you cannot beat Hudson Valley Karate, the competition needs to spread lies to try to discredit it.

All those who wrote these moronic articles about Hudson Valley Karate clearly shows that they are not truly martial artists, but just plain ignorant. My child has been training there for five years and loves it and I am sure that your child will also love it.


Your a joke Donald Meade of course you will say that your son teach there. that guy peter and his school is a joke.

Save your money people. I bet donuts to dollars that the people that instruck there dont even get paid.

Peter will say they do but every one that knows peter knows he do pay anyone. They will be closed down soon.


Trust me people peter antonelli takes care of his property as well as his school. Just drive by his properties and you will see what im saying.

He takes the tenants money and does nothing to upkeep the property. He will take your money and not teach the children at all. All the kids due his work for them and not him. One of his properties is located at 10 E.

Academy st in wappingers falls. I feel bad for the family thaats in there now.

But he will be stopped. Dont give hudson valley karate or peter antonelli your money find a better school for your children and yourself.


My name is Donald Meade and I am proud to say that all 4 of my children train at Hudson Valley Karate. My two oldest children have trained with Peter Antonelli for the past 7 years and my two youngest have been training for over a year now.

Over the years, I have travelled with my children to other Martial Art facilities to participate in tournaments and other related events. I can assure you that no other school comes close to Hudson Valley Karate's quality of experience. HVK's facility is second to none in terms of equipment, space, and accessibility. His staff is engaging and professional.

Most importantly, the quality of product offered by Hudson Valley Karate is top shelf. Besides self defense, Mr. Antonelli's students are taught respect, discipline, honesty, and compassion. They are taught this by the School's curriculum as well as the words and actions of Peter Antonelli and his staff.

Peter Antonelli is dedicated to his students and always put them first, often taking the time to have a "one on one" with his students.

Hudson Valley Karate is the place to be if you want to give your children the foundation and tools necessary to be successful in life. See for yourself!


It is no surprise that Antonelli is surrounded by drama. Here is school that is a converted garage offering sub-par instruction, and buisness practices that make AIG look good, and HE is concerned with filing lawsuits???

WOW!!! He has gone through instructors like most humans go through underwear. He has lost more students then pounds lost by Jared from Subway, and he is trying to sue people for making the public aware of his so called reputation...which by the way is also less then desired. He claims to promote good citizenship and Character Development by engaging in fornicatrion with married students???

Call this slander if you want, it is what most would call TRUTH. I suggest traveling a few minutes south and join a karate school where the professionals train instead of a garage karate school on some backwoods road in Wappingers Falls.

By the way "Master" Antonelli...students train to avoid drama and not be surrounded by it. So any one who is tired of this ***, come to Fishkill again...where the professionals train!!!


I happened upon this review because I was looking for Karate schools in the Hudson Valley. If it weren't for the post from the school owner, I might have just shrugged it off.

When I read Mr. Antonelli's response, it not only validated some of the comments, but it made me think, is this how a leader in the martial arts comunity solves his problems? By threatening to sue everyone who has an issue with your business instead of trying to resolve the matter with the customer? Of course these people are posting anonymously!

They're afraid that you'll sue them if they speak their minds.

I don't think I'll be considering this school, not because of the initial review, but because of the way this "martial artist" handled the situation ... it validated some of the complaints in my opinion.


My name is Peter Antonelli and I am the owner Of Hudson Valley Karate Inc. I have been in business for the past 19 years.

My reputation is known for promoting good citizenship and character development through Martial Arts in Wappinger and the surrounding communities. My facility speaks for itself. I don't hide behind non-profiled screen names to voice my opinion unlike my competitors or their students. There is an investigation as well as a lawsuit in progress concerning slander and defamation of character on the internet against me and my school.

This same post keeps appearing on different review sites under different non-profiled names. A BJJ/MMA school who used to rent space from me is currently being investigated as well as the schools he is choosing to affiliate himself with (IP addresses are traceable). If the person who wrote this article has the courage to identify themselves, maybe this posting would have some validity...But I know they won't for fear of legal repercussions.

In closing, if anyone has questions concerning myself or my school, I can be reached through my website which lists my contact number or e-mail. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


I too have had a similar experience with this "master" Antonelli. What is even worse is when I went in for the first time and specifically asked for the legitimate program that has now since left (good for them) he informed me that I should not join their program and do his fraudulant mma program instead.

I had to go online and find the real program in order to get signed up with them.

Do your homework on this guy and beware of the "master" Antonelli and his shady business practices. I am glad to be with the program I wanted in the first place and to be in a new school with CLEAN mats!!


I was at this school training in a program that is no longer there. We did a lot of groundwork so we all definitely noticed that the mats were not clean.

While training there I got ringworm on my arm. Besides not being cleaned enough, the mats are in terrible shape.

The owner lets people walk on them frequently and has karate birthday parties where kids get food and dirt all over the place.

I'm glad to be elsewhere.


Thanks for the heads up

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Bronx, New York

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