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No parts support

Update by user Jul 19, 2019

I bought a Hubbard Iron door. The hinges for the glass are very breakable.

One door has 3/3 broken.

The other has 2/3. I have emailed and called with no response.

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2019
The latches that hold the glass have broken. They do not respond to emails or calls.
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Southwest San Gabriel Valley, California
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  • No parts support
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Damaged or defective

Great products

I just wanted to add my two cents here. I am a customer of Hubbard Iron Doors, and yes they are still selling doors but the company has changed. Things happen I guess but that doesn't matter to me. Still the same great quality and amazing doors. I couldn't be happier about my doors. I can only recommend Scott my sales guys who did an amazing job, start to finish. I have received so many compliments on my doors and I refer everyone who wants one to Hubbard. Still the best doors on the market and way beyond the competition and the cheap china doors that are popping up everywhere.
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Avalon, California
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Good quality

Hubbard in Bankruptcy

I have been looking at buying an iron door. Once of the companies I've been searching is Hubbard Iron Doors. I saw some of the negative postings online and was concerned. When I called today I found out that Hubbard Iron Doors has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy...
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lame excuse!

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Livingston, New Jersey

Hubbard iron doors- made in Mexico, cheap mexican labour

Do not go near these doors. They are 100% made in mexico and painted at a warehouse in California by poor grade and cheap mexican labour. Ron Hubbard does a good PR and display to advertise these sub standard doors. They take your money upfront and keep you waiting for six months to receive the doors. Mine arrived faulty and i had to bear all the costs as they do not give refunds on items once they leave their warehouse. The owner is a conman who is now bankrupt. My advise is look else as you will be disappointed with Hubbard iron doors --i can assure you.
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Interesting comment from someone in George Town which is in South Africa. I didn't know Hubbard shipped to South Africa (????) whihc make me wonder about the comment.

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George Town, Western Province

Buy quality doors from San Marcos Iron Doors

San Marcos Iron Doors sells true wrought iron doors that complies with all construction codes of the US and Canada. visit us at for more information San Marcos Iron Doors handles , wrought rion entry doors, wine cellar doors, interior and exterior doors, gates, fence, railing, handrails, balconies, light fixtures and everything made of wrought iron you can imagine. Send us your idea, we will make a drawing and then make it a wrought iron reality, with San Marcos Iron Doors you do not have to settle for an specific design, we will make every custom pattern for you for the same low price. Our quality and customer service is one of the best in the market. Try us out and you will see the diference, we give free estimates in the Texas area, we are a US located company with our own installer. San Marcos Iron Doors... your wrought iron supplier.!
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San Marcos Iron Doors, The worst doors sold in the United States. They are made ​​of very cheap labor and shoddy materials.

My mother also was disappointed with this bad company. I am writing for other people of good faith not to get surprised.


Watch out, San Marcos Iron Doors is a *** artist. I ordered 2 doors for my house and did not receive the product at the agreed time ...

a year of receiving doors are badly damaged ..

Rusty, I have called many times to Mr. Marcos Soto owner of the company and has not responded to my calls.


im fat and you know this, man!!!! :x


I would purchase from Dynasty Iron Doors they are simply the best!


BUY FROM US WE R THE BEST....Hubbards doors and prices are not ours!






8) buy from anyone but hubbard


anything is better than hubbards doors

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San Antonio, Texas
New Reviewer

Ron Hubbard Iron doors stole our money

Ron Hubbard w/ Hubbard Iron Doors stiffed us a dozen years ago when he was based in Tx and Florida. He strung us along w/ some very bizarre tales of woe and after much pressure, he filed bankruptcy and we never got a penny of our money back nor our doors. Hard to believe he is still doing the same thing across country. I was shocked to see him back in business and up to the exact same tricks. He claimed he had to have the money up front in order to get the doors special ordered and made to speicifications. After a few months we started calling and were continuously put off. I chased him over part of Florida and he wound up filing bankruptcy before I got a dime back. This was before internet when he was advertising in high end Design mags and brochures. Beware to anyone who sends money up front.
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I bought hubbard iron 10 feet tall doors 4 years ago the quality is great, never had a problem.


I worked for Ron Hubbard sold doors and supervised installations and customer relations. I was threatened and left without being paid and he was off doing drugs and other malicious things such as *** and getting deposits from customers and never giving them products.


I am happy with this company so I dont know who you are


I used to work for him in Florida when he owned Florida Stairs and Rails. He is one sick puppy.

He did drugs (cocain) in the office and brought *** into his office and was a real *** to work for.

His business went out of business but I wised up and left before that happened. He is also a racist.


I am happy with this company so I dont know who you are


his brother runs Hubbard doors now.

Ron runs another business called, ATLAS BOMB SHELTERS, in montebello, ca

email: ron@***.com

7407 Telegraph Rd.

Montebello, CA 90640

Phone: (323) 727-****

Fax: (323) 727-****


3.10.2010 I just bought an Iron door from Ron and it was delivered and professionally installed in 2 weeks. Scott and his crew took perfect care of me and the product is beautiful, solid, and works flawlessly. I have and will continue to recommend Ron Hubbard doors.


hubbard is a bull *** artist who overcharges for his doors


buy from others :p


this guy sells ***

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Saint Louis, Missouri

There is better than Hubbard

I wish I could share some of the enthusiasm that Sharon had in regards to Hubbard Iron Doors. I too have had associates that have had fair experiences with Hubbard, but they all had issues with delivery time and the owner if they were able to reach him. I had problems early enough with the ordering of a door for my business so I went with Cantera doors instead and they did a good enough job. I would highly recommend that if you do go with Hubbard, just make sure your down payment and installation date are guaranteed in contract.
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GREAT PRICE!I will be in touch


one pair of double door stand size from my factory is 1300$ include double tempered glass

i am a factory in china,

xiamen shengeniron

i offer compertive price for company



Simon how much for a pair of double doors?


i am a factory in china,

xiamen shengeniron

i offer compertive price for company



There r a few good ones out there...I suggest you shop will find a great door.....but just watch what u pay.....


Give specifics! Some nut job that has an iron business down the street from Hubbard trying to sway away business from the big guy doesn't help me one bit.

I just want to buy a quality set of doors from someone who is capable.

When I hear good reliable pro and *** information that gives me an idea of what to look out for. The dusher that said "just dont buy from Hubbard" Dilrod that doesn't help me at all!


here is hoping ron hubbard chokes on a turkey bone


he has failed to act ethically


Wow, I would love to see all you complainers try and keep EVERYone of your customers fully 100% satisfied. It is impossiable to have such a huge company without any flaws.

Obviously he has done well for himself no matter how he has handled it? And all you business owners that actually have more than 50 customers..your saying not one out of 50 have ever complained? And if I am wrong...than suit yourself and dont let that R.

Hubbard door hit you in the *** on your way out. Just saying


I heard from a friend that an iron factory named "ETN IRON WORKS" are great of making worthy wrought iron doors. They even made biggest wrought iron gazebo I've ever seen.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Hubbard iron Doors Did a Great Job

I just wanted to post a comment on what a wonderful job this company did on my doors and handrails. I found the service and sales people wonderful. I would highly recommend them to anybody. After searching the internet andd deciding on which company to use I decided to visit three comapmanies. The other two I wont mention cause they turned out to be holes in the wall. The salesman at Hubbard Iron Doors gave me a tour of their factory which is gigantic" The door was delivered and installed by a sub named Carlos and the final job was FANTASTIC Sincerely, Sally G. Tarazana, Ca.
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Hubbard is selling his store in San Diego! IS THIS THE END...One interesting note he says he the mark up on hios doors is several hundred percent....Interesting he is admitting how much he over charges




I hope one guy does not ruin the bunch


this person is a plant.....just like hubbards pr service that he pays over 10,000 a month to create positive articles


Hubbard is on the outs> Don't BBUY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sold hubbard his ranf=ge rover! Then I tried to get professional curtiosy back!

what a mistake! Hubbard is an ***!!!!!!!!!!!


These sights seem like endless banter, now I don't know what to do....I do know I'm not buying an Iron door from any of these companies.


All iron doors suck!!!!!!!! Buy American, Buy Wood.... Its very patriotic and its not from China or Mexico!


I heard his iron doors leak in the rain, is this true?


:eek :zzz :sigh :x :? :cry :( :x

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Fort Pierce, Florida
Reason of review
Good customer service
New Reviewer

Past Employee Review

To whom it may concern- I am a past employee of Hubbard Iron Doors. I can honestly tell you that the owner, Ron Hubbard is the biggest piece of work I've ever met. He is usually so wrapped up in himself and playing around on dating sites online or booking his next vacation, he really doesnt have time to deal with your concerns. Once he has taken your money, all your future calls will be sent to customer service and most likely go unanswered.Most employees at Hubbard have been there just a few months and this company has absolutley no concept of the word "Retention". The facts are about Hubbard Iron Doors is that they are made primarily in Mexico, not all powercoated (as it states in the catalog), will almost NEVER come on time, and may God help you when bad weather comes. Be prepared with lots of old towels to clean up the water and dust thats will probably be all over your entry way. I too left after about 6 months because I never intended to join a circus or be involved in a work envoirnment where the owner dragged his secretary around by her wrist, breaking her watchband and ask her if she got rug burns on her butt, all while laughing like a person straight out of a mental institution. If you are in the market and would like a good refferal for iron products, call Dynasty Iron Doors in Arizona because that was Hubbards biggest competition back when I was there. It is important that you read this part. I am NOT trying to deture you or slander Hubbard Iron Doors. I just think the public has the right to hear all the information before making a decision. GOOD LUCK !!!
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YUP he is still there, still taking peoples money I think i will call the state and see if he can still do this????????? :sigh


Guard your money :?


for the best quality doors and service please visit

do not buy hubbard iron doors --they are cheaply made in Mexico and painted in California


Best prices in town and you do not have to deal with that *** RON HUBBARD!


buy *** iron doors?




im fat and you know this, man!!!! :cry




Dynasty=Mercedes Hubbard=Yugo



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Riverside, California
New Reviewer

Hubbard Iron Doors of Montebello California Stiffed Me

Be very careful when dealing with Hubbard Iron Doors of Montebello California. We live in Galveston Texas and in July 2006, we visted their Houston showroom and contracted them for a new Iron Gate for our home. They took our upfront deposit of $3,800.00 and never delivered the product. We later discovered that they vacated their Houston TX showroom and have a disconnected phone number. Calls and Emails to their main office in Montebello CA have been ignored for over a year. Read my complete review at Ed Bircher Galveston, Texas 409-762-****
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his brother runs Hubbard doors now. Ron runs another business called, ATLAS BOMB SHELTERS, in montebello, ca email: ron@***.com 7407 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90640 Phone: (323) 727-**** Fax: (323) 727-****


ron is aprick


Well, hubbard iron doors may not be that bad, but they are too expensive.


My friend bought an iron door from this factory in China-ETN IRON WORKS, and they were great. They even made the huge iron gazebos that I ever saw. I would like to try them even if there are far.


be careful if you buy from hubbard your delivery times...mexico is a long ways away...


they have a section that is reserved just for his yourself a favor and buy from another company


Monaco Doors in Texas makes and sells their iron doors in the USA - Dallas TX. They have a very nice product and will even let you tour their manufacturing facility in Frisco, which I did. is the website and they do iron doors and iron gate too, I think.


Hubard Iron Doors in Montebello, California. Beware in giving your business to this company.

The up front money required to order is outrageous, the time it takes to get delivery on your order is a lie, the extra 10% he tries to get when you place your order for duty coming from Mexico are bogus charges, challange him on it, and his sales people will back off.

The quality of his product is poor, as the doors NEVER line up to a proper fit, his customer service department is the worst of any company I have ever dealt with. Trust me, you will need customer service, as his doors arrive with dents and gashes in the frame, the paint peels in large sheets, the hinges SQUEAK unbearably, and the overall experience leaves you with having to call your attorney to get this guy to PERFORM and rectify the disaster you just purchased!


Please be very careful there are better doors in my opinion then cheap mexican doors you can procure thru Hubbard


Call Ron and ask how much good press cost? Better yet show up in Vegas and ask him in person!

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