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Homeless assistance in Houston is a Racket

Just go to google and type in Homeless Employment Houston and all you get is the usual listing of organizations that refer you to another organization that in return does the same thing. It normally takes about four of these referrals to direct you back to where you started. These places only exist to get the money that they have access to for being a 503c3 organization. Houston is supposed to have the third largest homeless population, so why can't I find job listing that target homeless people? Boston, Miami, and other places jmp to the top of the list, but Houston is not suprisingly missing on all search engines when trying to find a job when you are homeless. HIFH:
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Should include SF LA DC among the list. They have a tree of monkey knowledge ties to the 503c3 leaders.

At miriam kitchinn they advertising fir durector of communications on twitter facebook. 100k fir director, 42k-plus for development assustant. That is like $150,000 for (2) staff positions for soup kutchen in dc. And we know who will be hired most likely is dude doing outreach already.

He's like the annointed one becuz he is educated in the monkey tree and well connected even if he looks like jesus christ brother. When he dontates less than forty dollars around holuday season it thrills the homeless kitchen advocacy group. The kitchen can use a rennivation. It can use decent coats tents bkankets closet space bicycle supplies etc for the homeless.

But this is how the trickle down benefits everyone. That kinf of mitivation to collects data for studies anf to constrain the message and to sekect the homeless props and to strengten umbrella irganuzation lol eat up tlother ngos.****66957****.

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