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House Of Hoops Staff Review

walked into the store today and an employee by the name jaleena was very inapropriate. shouldn't hire people who show up the work acting like they not at work. people get paid to do their job not fool around.
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Poor customer service
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Nike foamposites

Nike released on friday 24th 2012 the Galaxy foamposites , i waited on line for a week , was unable to get a wrist band or a ticket at the locations , footlocker , Nike town , and house of hoops , its sad to say that everyone that was unsuccessful to get there hands on them wasted there time just to be rejected and told the sneaker was sold out , i don't think that its fair to the customers how they only made a limited pair knowing it was gonna be a top selling item especially for the playoffs , Nike has really failed us this time ! shame on you NIKE !
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You are ignorant for expecting there to be enough of a promotional item for everyone that wants one. People actually waited for days to get these and they cancelled the debut at some stores because of the issues these types of people bring to the location. This kind of person would riot of they can't buy a $200 pair of shoes that cost $5 to make and $1 to ship to america from a third world country, where the child who put them together will probably die from malnutrition before the shoes wear out.