Show charged my account for $99 at Christmas and I did not tell them to take all that. I left e-mails for them every day for 3 months. No one ever got back to me and there was no way to contact them by phone. I don't have much money and I needed that...
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these side in cheeter people work, they not send me anything for my win n pay items u know these people close my account n not give singale message or inform to me,not send win my items, not inform to n I already the money for all win items n not singale items send me,...
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PimpdaddyBlueschuck Very well written. The first sentence is the most poignant I think.

I was charged $99.00 to my account I DID NOT authorize. I sent them 4 messages asking them to make this right as it is Christmas time and I don't have an extra $99.00. This was what I had in my account to buy a Christmas present for my wife, Merry Christmas sweetheart,...
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gary Hi again. I talked to them today and they said they will reimburse half of the $99.00 and give me a voucher for $100 for gas. We will see what happens. This is the number I ca...


Letty Seems I lost my $99.00 also from my credit card today 01/03/2014. I was just checking the bidding, then we need to register. Filled up the information and they are wanting t...