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Most disgusting bread I have ever wasted my money on.Stopped at Walgreen and to avoid a trip to the grocery store I picked up a loaf of bread and was *** enough to pay $3.00 for what tastes like garbage. Will make it known to the store management and to other consumers. What other words can I use to describe how horrendous this bread is. I will return the rest of this bread to the store and hope they will refund my money.And it is ridiculous to...
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offconsumerpissed LOL!!!! You are going to returned OPENED BREAD and EXPECT A REFUND?!? Lol. Desperate.

The Hostess white bread I got today looked decent, but contained a wretched stench of mold as soon as I opened the package. I checked the expiration date (which was perfectly fine) and for mold (none to report). However, there was still a lingering, terrible smell. I decided to make a sandwich just in case it was only an odd smell, but it tasted just as bad. I almost vomited. I even had my friend check it out for me, in case I was going crazy,...
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Anonymous I bought the hostess white bread because it was the only type at the store I was shopping . The smell is enough to make me vomit ! Smells rotten , spoiled , sour.... ...


Anonymous I just bought a loaf of hostess white bread, which I normally don't but that is all the drug store had and it was late. Anyway, I put a couple of slices in the toaster because...

I didn't like
  • Poor quality
  • Smelled and tasted like mold