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on the way home from Christmas shopping in town (Boone, North Carolina) I stopped at the dollar general on the way home Zionville North Carolina along highway 421 North Carolina and to my surprise I saw sno balls as i walked in the front door. I was very happy to see sno balls on the shelf for the Christmas, holiday, winter season unfortunately the cake was too dry not moist at all .. Which very disappointing to myself, my son, mother heck all...
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My mouth is burning immediately after eating Hostess snowballs.My stomach starting to hurt and headache is going on?! Am I supposed to freak out one of the emergency room or just wait it out and see what happens? Really WTF?I googled this but only found two other reports in feb 2016 and it was their donuts
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Anonymous I just saw this comment and I took two bites out of a snowball and my mouth started burning and then I noticed an awful smell on the one side of the snowball!! Now my stomach ...

To Whom it may concern.I have been buying these and other Hostess snacks years.. The last few Hostess Snoballs I bought were awful, Dry with little to no cream inside.. After not buying them for a long while because of this.. I decided to buy 1 package the other day thinking it was just a few bad batches. Well it wasn't !! This one was even worse I took one *** and not only was it dry and fell apart in crumbs , almost no cream and the...
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Hostess Brands Sno Balls Cake Review

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Bad taste, dried out with almost no cream .. Made me very sick !!