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I just bought 2 boxes of yals blueberry mini muffins for my kids. they was molded!!! I just bought them today. I'm glad I open them up instead of them.. and the best buy date is nov 28 2016. there was more than one pack that was molded. and I cant think of 100 words to write but that was nasty .... xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@@ !!!!!!!!!!!...
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Stores Fault Just return them to the store you bought them from? Its the store you should be writing about, not the Manufacturer. They dont claim fodd lasts forever once it leaves the fact...

I purchased two apple pies for my lunch yesterday at my local gas station and they should not have been sold!!! I brought them to work to eat today and when I opened one it looked old! I broke it apart and the filling is old and gummy!!! It was extremely hard and not edible at all! Unfortunately, I am at work and cannot upload the photos of the box with the expiration/best if purchased by date and the pies and I believe I still have my receipt....
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Anonymous We are sorry to hear about your recent experience with the Hostess Pie. Please contact us directly so we may work to resolve this concern. 1-800-483-7253

I didn't like
  • Goo like fruit pie

Hostess Brands Mini Fruit Pie Pie Review

Bought the cherry mini fruit pies today didnt check sell by date til my husband and I bit into one, the date was 08/18/2016 but they were dry and tasted bad. I was hoping they would be as good as little debbies, all of the other hostess products I have bought were good, these were terrible.