map-marker Elkridge, Maryland

Kids meal rip off and under cooked chicken

Kids meal price was to high at 5.29 with no drink. The other little ones ate free of salad bar which was good at those ages.Kids meals at that price of 5.29 should include drink. The bigger problem was the kids chicken tenders were not cooked through. Luckily we went to cut it first before giving it to my grandson. We sent it back and did not get it back till we were finished eating. They did not credit us for it. Two tenders and ff 5.29 and no drink is expensive for kids. What a rip for kids. Not sure we will be back.
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Damaged or defective

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Bob D Uyb
map-marker Taneytown, Maryland

Hoss's Restaurant - Undercooked Steak_York PA

This is the second time in two or three years and I stopped going to Hoss's for this reason. I ordered the filet Minon and I like it well done. It is then delivered to my table meduium rare. When they take it back to the kitchen I get the steak done to the point of shoe leather. Dosen't anyone know how to grill/cook a steak? Hoss's sed be a great restaurant but in the past two to three years it is incredably poor. The salad bar is not fresh and the desert bar was not well stocked. Some of the breads were found to also be stale. I RECOMEND TO STAY AWAY FROM THE YORK PA LOCATION. Management was unresponsive.
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brad y Vcd
map-marker Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

Bedford (PA) Hoss’s Hosin

Hoss's Self Tipping Sirloin Tip via a la carte listed as "have a side" - No a la carte posted Hosin Hosses They advertise meals for $10. I ordered fast-food style at Hosses. I specifically asked three or four times if the Sirloin Tip Managers Special was identical to the $10 Sirloin Tip posted on the wall. The reason I asked three times was because I got nebulous and ambiguous responses and one stating that it was not the same as the Sirloin Steak - thank you. I was eventually told yes. The chalkboard special offered a list of "sides" to select from; one would infer that a side implies that it is included in the meal, particularly when I asked if the chalkboard special is identical to the $10 meals on the wall. That and the fact that the fast-food style order-taker was so considerate to elucidate the difference between Steak and Tips, one would think she could be considerate enough to point out that the "sides" were a la carte and not truly sides, but a bait and switch scheme, and theft by deception. I received the bill, the "side" was over $5 and I didn't even finish it. This was a bait and switch scheme, and theft by deception, conspiracy, and corruption of minors, but the police would not enforce this or respond if called, not unless one refused to pay. This is what partially fortressed the anti capitalistic attitude: businesses rights outweighing the working man's. A child steals an orange and he leaves in handcuffs, the same store continuously overcharges at the counter, and your are told by the Gestapo to fill out these forms and stand in line until they vouchsafe a decision. The order-taker was a rude conwoman, the seater found a seat, and the waitress waited; unfortunately, I left a note stating that the tip reflected the entire pre-served experience and the expectation of goods received. The meal was mediocre, a little salty; they asked me if I wanted any A1 steak sauce, I should have requested some hosin sauce as it may have quelled the *** I got.
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