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Hooves N Wheels - Customer service
Hooves N Wheels - Customer service
Hooves N Wheels - Customer service
Hooves N Wheels - Customer service
Hooves N Wheels - Customer service
Background:I've been at Hooves and Wheels RV park in Weatherford, TX for a year and a half. I'm quiet, stay to myself, keep my area clean and pay on time.Things were great. March 2020- New office manager- Kristina March 14, 2020- I contacted the office via text message because wifi wasn't working. I saw a range extender was connected to the router by using a network tool (that is accessible by anyone). I told the office manager and she contacted the provider so they could block the extender's IP address from the network. After the provider blocked the device, the wifi was working as it should. *SEE SCREENSHOTS* #1 August 2020- New owner of the park- Ted Williamson. Kristina Mckelvey is still office manager. August 2020- Someone moved into the spot next to me from a different spot within the park. His [gasoline] truck has an adjustable modified exhaust that is unnecessarily loud and wakes me (and other surrounding neighbors as it has been mentioned to me) up. Over the course of 6 months or so, I made several legitimate complaints to the office manager regarding the obnoxiously loud exhaust on his truck and there still has not been a resolution. The only response I get is "nothing we can do" or "I'll talk to him". I even asked her why no one else had complained to management about the exhaust when he was at the previous spot and she said, Well, they were probably too scared to complain to the office because his girlfriend worked part time in the office. (His girlfriend, Danielle, at the time was working in the office part time, but moved away in May or June.) Nothing is done! Being in a rv park and in close quarters with other neighbors, it would be acceptable to have a rule of 'no loud exhausts' (obviously not pertaining to diesels). His truck is not a diesel, just a gas engine with a horrible sounding muffler/exhaust. Sept 14, 2020- Water is off in the park Sept 20, 2020- Water is off in the park Oct 27, 2020- Water is off Nov 3, 2020- Water is off Nov 5, 2020- Water is still off Jan 26, 2021- Water is off Feb 4, 2021- Water is off Feb 15, 2021- (During freezing weather) Electricity outage (just like everywhere else in TX, I get it) Feb 17, 2021- Water is off Feb 18, 2021- Water is still off. Received mass text that the water will be shut off for another 3 days. *BEGIN TEXT CONVERSATION* Me: By Sunday? So another few days? Hopefully everyone will be receiving a week credit for this. Office Manager: Nope, no credit. Why would we give a credit when it's not a park issue??? Office Manager: We don't control the weather. We are lucky to even have power at this point. There are still millions of people all across the state without park. (Meant power*) Me: There's no way to control the weather but there are ways to prepare for it. (They kept reiterating the importance of preparing and insulating water pipes on our hookups.) Office Manager: If you're not happy with this park then you need to move! Office Manager: I'm done replying. You've been given the information just as everyone else has. *END TEXT CONVERSATION* *SEE SCREENSHOTS* #2 Feb 18, 2021- Called another park that the owner has (Weatherford Koa) to try to get in touch with him in regards to the inappropriate messages from the office manager. Left a message and never heard back. Feb 22, 2021- Asked about my monthly site fee and why it increased by $25. NO notice or warning of site fee increases were sent out via text (usual method of notices) or posted anywhere in the park! *BEGIN TEXT CONVERSATION* Me: Why all of a sudden did my monthly fee go from $425 to $450? Office Manager: It's not all of sudden. Rent increased in January for everyone. *END TEXT CONVERSATION* *SEE SCREENSHOTS*#3 Feb 22, 2021- Called the other park AGAIN to try to get in touch with the owner in regards to the inappropriate messages from the office manager. Left a message and never heard back. Feb 24, 2021- Wifi is not working and brought it to the office manager's attention as we were told to do. (Possibly a range extender connected to the network) *BEGIN TEXT CONVERSATION* Me: Wifi hasn't been working since about 2pm yesterday. Can we please fix this? Office Manager: I can have nextlink reset the routers but that's all that can be done. Me: Wifi is still intermittent. Office Manager: Unfortunately there's nothing else that can be done. You're only other option is to have your own service connected. That's what several people have done in the park. Me: I'm not the only one on this side of the park that's having issues with the wifi. Office Manager: Kelli you're on the tree line. That affects the signal strength. Nextlink has been out several times in the last month. There is nothing else that can be done. I don't know how else I can say it... many people on that side of the park have their own service. There's nothing that we or nextlink can do about the park WiFi signal. Me: Your lack of professionalism is appalling. Office Manager: Someone mentioning a week worth of credit for weather related outages across an entire state is also appalling. Someone who says they are going to put sugar in another residents gas tank is appalling and illegal! Just that statement alone gives us the right to ask you to leave the park. You're walking on very thin ice. *END TEXT CONVERSATION* *SEE SCREENSHOTS* #4 FUNNY.Wifi has been working great until the past couple days, but yet she is blaming the signal on the treeline which is obviously not the issue. In reference to her comment: One day while talking to her outside, obviously joking, I rolled my eyes and I said, "Oh my gosh, his truck is so annoying it makes me want to put like sugar in his gas tank or something!" I laughed. She laughed. I told her I was obviously joking and would NEVER do that and she laughed and said, "Well, I know that!". The comment I made was a joke, just as someone would say, "Omg I could just choke this person" or "Oh I want to kill her!" It was a stupid silly comment and obviously not a threat by any means, but out of spite she turns it around to make it seem like I was making a threat! Feb 24, 2021- Called the other park (Weatherford KOA) to try to get in touch with the owner, but I was directed to a man named Lance. I sent him screen shots and explained the situation and discussed the inappropriate behavior and unprofessionalism of the office manager. He said he'd have the owner contact me. Feb 25, 2021- Office manager sent out a mass text in regards to wifi and possible range extender (which aren't allowed due to interference of signal for others) because one of my neighbor's brought it to her attention that she was unable to get signal. (Oh, the irony...when I mentioned the wifi issues to her, the response I got was witty unnecessary comments, but someone else complains about it (that lives right next to me) and a message gets sent out regarding the wifi signal and possible use of a range extender!) Office Manager MASS TEXT: Good morning everyone, this is an extremely important message so please read it. Someone in the park has a WiFi extender, if it's you... Please disconnect it immediately. WiFi extenders of any kind are not allowed in the park. It messes up the signal to where hardly anyone else can access the network, even the office! If the device is not disconnected then I will have nextlink come out and pinpoint who has it and you will be asked to leave the park immediately and no refunds will be given because that is our policy when someone doesn't abide by the rules of the park. I do not want to have to do that. So please if you have any type of device thats purpose is to extend WiFi, disconnect it. Thank you and have a wonderful day everyone. Wifi is still not working. *SEE SCREENSHOTS*#5 Since the texts about water being off and her unprofessional response of "If you don't like this park, then you need to move!", The neighbor with the loud truck has been intentionally revving the engine of his truck excessively when leaving/coming home. This usually happens anywhere between midnight and 4:00am (when he's leaving the park) and again when he arrives at the park at any given time in the afternoon or evening. The manager previously told me that he works odd hours. She is friends with the neighbor and has told him in the past that his loud exhaust bothers me. I am almost 90% certain she told him to purposely rev his engine and make noise just because it wakes me up and frustrates me. Feb 25, 2021- After multiple attempts to get in touch with the owner via Lance (no last name provided), I still haven't heard from the owner. Wifi is still not working. Feb 26, 2021- Tried a few times to get ahold of Lance. He is not returning my calls. Wifi is still not working. To say Hooves and Wheels rv park employees are disrespectful would be an understatement. I've tried multiple times to get ahold of Lance or Ted Williamson (the owner) and they're not answering my calls, texts or returning calls back. I have never been so disgusted with how a business operates and lack of competence.
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