Kim Stewart
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

Botched sexual harassment lawsuit against former employer

I hired Gary Hooper to represent me in a sexual harassment civil lawsuit against my former employer and he completely ruined the case. First, he did not appear to possess the mental acumen to manage the case and secondly, he was influenced as well as had some form of business interest with the other side. This was and still is unethical and a violation of law. My case was simple and easy, cut and dry. However, money changed Mr. Hooper's perspective. Suddenly my future, emotional, and mental well-being meant nothing. I was not even a person anymore. Gary Hooper deliberately botched my case by refusing to discuss a settlement which was offered to me by my former employer. The evidence against my former employer was overwhelming and a third-year law student could have won the case with their eyes closed. Do not hire Gary Hooper to assist you in employment-related civil matters because he does not care about you. He cares about money, and will meet your former employer in a parking lot at night to exchange an envelope, and there goes your case. However, there is one positive to having dealt with Gary Hooper...I am now a lawyer who specializes in sexual harassment claims against current and former employers and have won many, many cases for my female clients. If I had known then what I now know, I would have taken my case from Gary Hooper, represented myself, and won.
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Bad quality

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