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The CR-V 5DR 2WD EX my wife and I wanted was not the correct color, so we couldn't pick it up that night. They said they would find a white one at another dealer. Before we left the sales manager surged his shoulders and said; "look at the bright side, if the vehicle comes in with AWD, Leather Options, etc... you will pay the same price we discussed". We came back late the next night because the car came in. It has NO extra options but we paid...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to
  • Follow up
Bought a brand new 2016 crv sucks so far been in the shop 3 times less than 300 miles warning lights keep coming on won't go if you slow down unless you hit the gas pettle 2 times no body nice trying to help me tried to trade it back in but would have lost six thousand dollars in. Less than a week will tell anyone never to by a honda maybe it might cut their business just a little ..dough it though .
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I went from a German car to a 2016 Honda CrV Touring because I wanted the roominess of a small SUV and had done a lot of research and heard so much about Honda's excellent reputation. After driving it for eight months, I don't particularly care for the car and the feel of the road while driving it, acceleration and pick-up is barely adequate and average mileage has never exceeded 21.7 mpg. All of that I can live with. The GPS, however, is...
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2016 Honda Cr-v Car Review

I just bought new Honda crv for almost 2 weeks but later when i park my car ,i saw oil drop on the ground and i try to park the all night next morning day i check still engine oil leak and drop on floor .