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Back in early August of year 2016, I sent my car to Honda service center for airbag replacement (received a recall letter from Honda due to airbag failure reason). I was extremely angry when getting back my car as I saw a big piece of adornment was being pressed underneath the car console panel. Obviously the Honda technician did not focus during on duty when they were installing back the console panel. It is not a small little adornment. How...
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I didn't like
  • Very poor maintenance service quality
I have a 2006 honda civic and it's used of course but they told me it had all the checkups it needed and I was ok. Not even 30 days, my mileage dashboard stopped working. Luckily it was covered. Last night my belts went bad and my car stalled while driving! I could have been on the interstate and it stopped! Bad accident, hello!!! And innocent people could have been hurt all over Carmax's lies. They are just trying to make a quick sale. The...
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I liked
  • Salesman
  • Showroom
  • Selection of cars
I didn't like
  • Quality
  • Selling car not correctly valued due to fraud
  • Using my money to make money