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I believe I was infected with hepatitis at a homeless shelter.

I fell ill after many many other people in the Homeward Bound of Grand Valley shelter in Grand Junction Colorado with a flu of the 12 to 16 hr variety. I was seeing doctors at a clinic in town with another problem. I was offered a physical done with blood work to check my cholesterol and what not. It came back I have hepatitis. I believe I caught it at the shelter I am staying at named above. I don't know what to do. Should I blow the whistle? Will I still have a bed to sleep in at night even though I really would like to be somewhere else? The damage is done I suppose. I have recently had blood work done in Oregon for a surgery I had there in the last 3 months. Nothing was found. All the symptoms of hepatitis are occuring to other people in the shelter.
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Kerri Cascio and the Great Homeward Bound Sham

Homeward Bound is anything but home. On arrival, the first thing that strikes you is the fledgling, dilapidated exterior and property which strikes a sense of Auschwitzian despair deep in the gut. One may feel an urge to run, to flee the area and never look back. I wish I'd gone with my gut instinct instead of spending two months in this rathole. The unit is divided into two or three different "individualized" programs, but basically it is a sanctuary for repeat drug offenders who somehow manage to win a judge's sympathy and avoid jail time. I was a client in 2010 and resided on the fourth floor, which "specializes" in treating drug and alcohol abusers who also have an HIV diagnosis. The program is ruled over with an iron fist by director Kerri Cascio, an arrogant, smug and obnoxious aging *** hag who very rarely makes an appearance on the unit, except to occasionally address the residents when staff members "drop the ball" and lose control of the clientele because of their inconsistency and favoritism, often based on sex or race. I was discharged from the program with only a few days remaining until I was a "successful" graduate...for returning late on a medical pass, yet another client who used drugs on his pass was allowed to stay and eventually, enter their "aftercare" program. And to further add insult to injury, after I had packed my things up and was sitting in the visitation area waiting for my ride to take me home, Miss Cascio made a point of coming outside to personally order me off the property. She began loudly shouting insults at me, with the intention of embarrassing me in front of as many people as possible. It was only after I broke down in tears of frustration and had every eye in the place focused on me, that she felt satisfied enough to turn her attention elsewhere. The kitchen is one of the few things about the program that is more frightening and pathetic than Miss Cascio. The kitchen staff regularly serve spoiled and outdated food items to clients, under the premise that they are lucky to have anything to eat at all. I firmly believe it was the fact that I had reported these conditions to the city health department that resulted in my dismissal. The staff are probably more frightening than the clientele. Although most of them are "recovering" alcoholics and addicts, it is clear that many of them are so stoned that they can't even conduct a class without running to the bathroom every ten minutes for a toot or to pop a pill. To make matters worse, there was a male staff member who was having sex on the roof with one of the female clients that was in my treatment group. Miss Cascio also allowed this girl to remain in the program, when it was clear that the girl had no intention of "staying clean". If you truly love a person in your family who is suffering from addiction, please send them somewhere else. Homeward Bound exists solely for the purpose of recieving grants from the state, many of which mysteriously never seem to cover the things they are intended for, such as fresh, quality food, plumbing, repairs, and class materials. Summary: Homeward Bound is anything but home. It is only a matter of time until the program implodes upon itself. Until then, the only thing this program accomplishes is to lower the property value of the homes in the neighborhood. The one thing I thank Homeward Bound for, is that they gave me the motivation I needed to get the heck out of Texas, and back to California where I belong. After an experience like that, I have remained sober for just over a year now! I never want to go through something like this again. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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This place is nothing but a scam to get money from the government/donation.I took my brother who is on *** So he is hallucinating and paranoid....but when he is not high he is not like this.He came to me for help. I was referred to this place by the in Arlington TX VOA.That another story.I haven't fully made up my mind about the VOA.They check him in and kept him asleep on some kind of pill for 5 DAYS.

Then Released him. Telling him that they couldn't help him because his problems where not drug related. The where mental problems. Keep in mind he was hoping to stay for the long haul.

No council/staff member/doctor talk to him after the from desk staff took his paper work.So this experience knocked him down even harder. I'm so disappointed.

I have lost all hope in every finding him any real help. :cry


After spending a mere 3 days here I must agree with much of the initial commentators assessment.

I was brought here after an awful domestic abuse situation in 2009.

They apparently has recently included themselves as some sort of domestic abuse shelter to offer counseling, shelter and treatment for victims.

This place was filthy and disgusting. It felt like a prison.

I cannot comment on the merits of its substance abuse program, since this was not the reason I was here- however, I was housed on a floor of substance abusers who were in treatment.

Both men and woman shared a floor and the commons space.

Being treated like a criminal (the way the rest of the "inmates" were treated- which I believe is WRONG, just for the record), by many of the staff who had no idea that I was there as a victim of abuse not a substance user was a final blow to my already shattered self view.

**Additionally, it was wholly unnerving for me to be in this environment surrounded by a majority of men after my ordeal.

I found the female staff to be wonderful. From what I recall many or all where in recovery and most if not all had also been abuse victims.

These woman were the only reason I made it through the most awful three days of my life here. They were kind and compassionate and freely told their personal stories. Unfortunately due to what ever drugs they were forcing down my throat, I cannot remember too many details of these women.

I was too messed up after what happened, and too scared to realize that I could have left anytime I wanted :(

So I stayed for the "recommended" three days, which I thought were mandatory after the ambulances took me from the domestic violence crime scene.

My most disgusting memory is that of the male therapist- Dr. Shabbir something.. who upon sitting me down immediately asked what I had done to cause my husband to beat me.

My husband was of the same nationality as this therapist, and this therapist thought it beneficial to trout his burka covered wife in the following day, and asked me to speak with her.

After years of subjugation- regardless what my religious beliefs are- this was the LAST thing I wanted to hear.

I had already prayed for strength to endure the abuse for enough years, thank you very much. Sigh...

Needless to say the female nurse who was present was furious at this session.

Another incidence occurred when a large bearded male staff member screamed at me and slammed his fist on the desk- causing me to nearly wet myself after what I had been through- all because I was crying after speaking to my family on the phone in his office.

Needless to say- this place has no business showing themselves as any kind of domestic abuse assistance place.

After I was released I had to sit across the street (in a god awful part of town, alone and in fear) to await a ride from a friend- since once you are no longer a patient you are not aloud on the property.

Yes, I could have taken a bus- since they give you a bus pass if you like- however, I have never taken a bus in my life, so this was not an option. I was terrified and in apart of town I had no familiarity with, and all alone.

No bra, and wearing pajamas. I had bruises and cuts all over my body and felt disgusting after being there for three long days. This was completely humiliating.

Being forced medications, food and water, having limited use of the telephone which is supervised, not being able to have access to cigarettes, and being forced to attend addicts recovery meetings during my stay was insane.

This type of control is exactly what I was trying to get away from.

It is very sad that these greedy people would open their doors under false pretenses to take money from tax payers only to use it to line their pockets. Obviously the domestic violence victims arm of this organization is nothing more than a scam. Certainly none of the money they receive goes to training this staff nor to providing a safe place for these broken and terrified woman.

After all of these years I am finally strong enough to do something about how I was treated during my 2009 stay.

I have filed complaints, and my hope is that no one will let another abused woman seek help in this place - as they did so much more damage than one could ever even imagine.


I went to Homeward Bound hopeless. I arrived at the back door after hours, not knowing if I would get in.

I was greeted by the staff who offered me a meal. I hadn't eaten in at least 24 hours. I didn't care about the taste, as a matter of fact, I don't remember it. What I do remember is the fact that I was allowed to detox.

Given, it wasn't the Hilton. But thank God it wasn't the *** infested rock I had crawled from underneath. I was given an opportunity to go to the women's program. It was crazy there!

Many of the ladies were only concerned with causing chaos and havoc. In order to stay focused, I kept in mind the horrors of the days before my arrival at Homeward Bound. A lot of the staff, including Kerri Cascio and Kerry Shubert (the directors) were in recovery. I felt like they cared if I lived or died.

The staff members that were in recovery gave me a since of hope...hope that I, too, could stay sober and live a different life.

The building was *** the staff was overworked, the vans rattled as we drove to outside AA meetings, the food was bad, and so on (I could complain forever!).....BUT thank God for that *** building, when it rained I didn't get wet; thank God for the staff, they 'HOPED' me back to life; thank God for the vans, they got me to my very first AA meeting; thank God for the food, before HB, if I ate one meal in a day I was happy.

Today I have 9 months sober. I make daily meetings at the same group Homeward Bound took me to.

I still live at the same transitional house they discharged me to (I am house manager now!) And get this, I still have the same sponsor!! I have heard many non profit organizations and the people that work there say "if we could help just one person, it will all be worth it." Well, Homeward Bound and Staff, consider yourself worth it!

You helped me and I am forever grateful. I believe beyond doubt, God sent me to Homeward Bound that day, and He met me at the door when I got there.


The facts in this review are more accurate than the public realizes...which makes me wonder if this review was written by a disgruntled ex-employee....because every ex-employee is usually disgruntled with the level of abuse and non-compliance in this facility....


Unfortunately your sentiments regarding Ms. Cascio mirror those of both clients &the staff members of Homeward Bound .

However not fair to dump the entire organization in league with her.

No need to exact revenge on Ms. Cascio.She &the Lady Karma will have their day together.


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congratulations on your 1+ year of recovery despite the ineffective treatment you clearly paid for at homeward bound. Oh wait- the state paid for your treatment. Also, you may want to consider working the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, as I find it hard to believe that someone claiming to have over a year of "sobriety" would feel the need to character assassinate someone who has dedicated her life to helping addicts and alcoholics to achieve sobriety, whether you agree with her decisions and actions or not. Furthermore, having a resentment of such magnitude that it motivated you to publicly slander a non-profit institution is indicative of how "clean" your own house is. I would suggest focusing on your own personal inventory and house cleaning rather than taking others and institutions'. A simple suggestion might be:

1. Clean (your own) house

2. Trust your higher power

3. Shut your mouth

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