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Hometown Market Cave city AR-Employee Kelly rude and lazy

On Martin Lurther King day, I was shopping and my debt card didn't work so I knew I had a lot of money on it so I asked to call my bank. They gave me the phone and I called my bank and they were closed, crud its a holiday. I told Kelly "I'm really sorry my bank is closed, I can put the groceries back for you guys. " and Kelly slammed me rascally she told me, "Well you must not be from a white town!" WTF I just laugh and shrug it off cause at first I didn't get it......then I told my bf and he told me what it meant, great...a few months later she got mad cause she kept getting called to the register cause the register wasn't doing a price change and the cashier had to type in some number to fix it and it wouldn't work and it took forever for her to finally come down and do it herself so yes I did smart off, but just to be funny, but appearently she didn't think I was funny...I said man I could of got this kind of service from walmart....she told me, " Well you can shove these groceries up your *** and go to walmart!" Therefore I left without my today I went to get a few things, just random shopping cause I'm hungry and I need help becaus e I have CMT and had surgery Monday because I had an egg sized cyst removed off my right foot and then in a couple weeks I'll have the left one removed.... so I figured I'd just have a worker help me gather a few things....wont be that I asked the cashier if someone could help me get some items and good god guess who gets asked to help me? KELLY! UGH What the ***! Oh well help is help, sooooo She tells me,"There's a wheelchair right there, I ain't helping you, you can do it!" I told her I m not using the wheelchair I can hop around just fine(and admitted that thats embarrassing to use the wheelchair) and someones gonna have to get things off the shelf anyways. She asks, "Well what do you want?" I say I don't know whatever I want, I didn't come with a grocery list, I came with a hungry belly.....she then flips out and tells me If your gonna have an attitude I ain't doing anything for you and you can just do it on your own!.....Ugh me- Fine get your manager! So then he(stacy) helps me...I tell him I didn't come here with a list I just want whatever I see that looks good, I shouldn't have to tell her what I want and then for her to decide if my list is good enough for her to go and get for me.....she has a severe attitude problem! All she had to do was get the things I wanted and then put it on the register and then in the car and go back to doing what she's doing, the that that hard? I shouldn't have to beg for someone to help me, thats their job to help customers, we pay how is that so hard to understand? If they wanna be *** they get fired, the end. But nooooo she's still working there....Hometown Market Cave city Ar.
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the people that work ther are nice folks just lazy but that is the manger all you got to do is look at the store it is so nasty i can just see those peoples homes sad because batesville is to far just for milk bread but thats part of life


The complainer is obviously lying. You know how I know? She is black, and who the ***, wants to know about your cysts!

Want a shoulder to cry on? Shuddup your whiny race card playing ***.


PS> I am not employed or associated with the store. I just speak the truth about whiny ***.


:eek me and my family were looking to move to cave city and its seems like its a lot of drama there just in a super market my family is all mixed we have puerto rican black i wonder would we have problem moving to a city were its mostly white what do you think im just saying


Sherry isn't rude to ANYONE unless they are disrespectful, disorderly (such as loud and/or violent) or criminal (such as thieves). And the racial remarks that were "supposedly" made are a lie.

Now, instead of blindly complaining on the internet to an audience that has nothing better to do than feed off of other people's gossip, why don't keep your imagination in line and check YOUR attitude when you come in the door? And think of it from a workers perspective: if you were the worker and a customer got an attitude or was rude with you, how would it make you feel? Just a little something for you to think about next time you go into ANY store. Now, I do not mean this comment to be rude or offensive in any way, but you need to understand something.

Your mood will rub off onto other people.

With that said, I hope you think about that next time you go out. 8)


"On Martin Lurther King day, I was shopping and my debt card didn't work so I knew I had a lot of money on it so I asked to call my bank. They gave me the phone and I called my bank and they were closed, crud its a holiday. I told Kelly "I'm really sorry my bank is closed, I can put the groceries back for you guys. "

First of all, my name is Sherry not Kelly...and I can not stand a LIAR..The racists remark was such a LIE..I am married to a hispanic man and never said anything like that in my life..I've worked here 15 years and see skanks like u every day..I believe u called the owner and the owner told u NOT to come back in the store..

The upper part of this I put in quotations as it is part of your little speech..and when I say liar it means liar..those are totaly lies..I would never say such things especially when I am married to a hispanic..And next...let's leave out debit it was an EBT card..and i was trying to politely help you when YOU started mouthing off at if you're going to tell things make sure you tell the TRUTH..


I don't know who this complaining woman is, but she is ignorant beyond belief and can't write a single grammatical or logical sentence. She is rude, vicious, and has an attitude of entitlement!

Wrong, lady! My wife and I shop at Hometown Market every August when we are there during Watermelon Festival. Never have had a problem.

Staff always have been courteous to us. This bi#$h needs to get some culture, learn some manners, and try to be a better citizen!


Did you read it all? My brain started hurting after the first couple sentences.


I don't believe a word of this letter.

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Hometown Market is a net of locally owned and operated supermarkets that supply groceries and other goods for households of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. It sells quality products for the lowest prices. At its stores you can buy everything to make a testy and healthy meal: fresh vegetables and fruit, cereals, milk and dairy products, meat, bread and so much more. The company constantly educates its customers, providing them with new recipes and the latest information about healthy nutrition.
Hometown Market not only sells food and consumer goods for all members of your family, but also participates in community events actively, supports charity initiatives, offers special in-store programs and provides other benefits for its buyers.

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