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ASK YOURSELF: If they are such a great company with such a quality product, why do they have to hard sell customers and pressure them to sign a contract on the spot? As other reviewers noted I was told the "Free Estimate" would be about 45 minutes; I expected useful information about the type of roofing materials, the cost of the materials, services etc. Instead he launched into a LOOONG explanation of how fabulous their company was, how great... Read more

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A couple of days ago, I received a call. The caller ID indicated that the call was from a computer tech company in California. I answered, and there was a man with a very thick accent (it sounded as though he was from South Asia). He told me that my house had been "randomly selected" to receive "home improvement work", and asked if I would be interested. Since I had some time, and since I also love to waste the time of people who make these... Read more

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Led me to believe they would be providing an estimate on handyman work; and then said after two working days they were too booked to actually bid on the job. This is interesting since they are still on Angie's List offering a general contractor for a day for $599. Instead of just initially telling me they're not interested in doing the work they had me wait for them to come by for an estimate when they apparently had no intention of doing the... Read more

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My 45 minute appointment turned into a 3 hour appointment as well. It was disjointed with the sales person flipping through a notebook repeated in different directions trying to find a page he wanted to show. He provided a quote without measuring a single window and tried to impress me with inconsequential trivia. When I told him it was alot of money and I needed to think about it prior to signing a contract, he was visibly angered and told... Read more

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Funny. I too met with a sales director from Homefix. After an 1.5 hrs, I told him we needed to conclude anything he needed so that he could email me the estimate. He wasn't happy, said consumers should expect to spend 3 hrs on a visit & he expected to write up the estimate in my home. In an effort to show that HCR responded to its customer needs, he wanted me to listen to one of his customer voice mails asking for repair of work they already... Read more

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  • Apr 01, 2016
  • by anonymous
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This company advertised that they were hiring. My husband went in for an open interview. He worked for a few week. Once he realized the job wasn't a good fit for him, he chose to resign. The company is now refusing to pay him for the time he did work and sales leads he received.

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I have experienced deceptive if not false advertising by the sales department. I originally had one estimate for a roof which I rejected due to it being too high. Subsequently, I was called by the sales department and asked if I was still looking. I said yes but I have an estimate of xxxx dollars and they said they would match it. They called me twice with same information and said the offer was only available within 24 hours and I had to... Read more

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Show to door about 5 to 6 pm 12/3/15 only way to get contact info was to make tentative appt promised to call 12/4/15 # 8am should they show without calling then I know I was right to cancel @ 8pm 12/3/15 I did say I had no intention of entertaining a 2 hr indoctrination he assured 45 min. HOPE THEY CHECK THERE MESSAGES gotta wonder why a Company in business 25yrs is canvassing a townhouse developed mostly rentals Read more

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This is a review of their Sales tactics/ James Taylor who is supposedly a Regional Sales director who has a gmail acct instead of a company email. I was approached by two guys who promised me a 45 minute estimate appointment which will be valid for 1yr. What I got was an appointment that lasted for 3hrs with James Taylor telling me that I am not as smart as some of his high-class clients and that I bought too much house. The estimate at Retail... Read more

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They came out to give us a quote,the vice pres. Of the company and we made a deal for Windows siding and a roof and gutters with gutter guard ! They took forever to get started but we still added to our order with new doors also. The crews where very nice and did a decent job there were a few problems but we got through it all until the gutter job!!! They hung the gutters the way the old ones were and not the way we wanted,also with out the... Read more

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