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After forming a new HVAC contracting company, I was solicited by telephone by HomeAdvisor. Some smooth talking salesman said for less than a $300.00 annual fee, HomeAdvisor would provide me with leads to potential customers.

He didn't give me too many details. All I was told was the leads would cost me between $15-$30 per lead. Sounds good? Right?

WRONG!!! What he failed to mention is that the same leads are given to multiple contractors and you get charged per lead whether you get the job or not. The first two leads I received were BOGUS. I was given fake names and addresses to buildings that didn't exist.

After finding this out I called to cancel, but was given the run-around by the two clowns I talked to. They got me so pissed off after just being in business for a few days, I hung up on them. I then contacted the credit card company and disputed the $300.00 fee they charged my account.

I used a credit card rather than a debit card just to give me a way out in case it turned out to be a SCAM!, which it is.

Contractors; do yourself a favor: STAY AWAY FROM THESE FRAUDS!!! Spend your advertising money elsewhere; like a newspaper ad, flyers, yellowpages.

If theses guys had any heart, they'd be out stealing for a living!!!

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got a lead from home advisor to replace water heater the phone number given was for a home depot store charged me $49.00 asked for credit and was denied they never called number to verify just denied credit it seems to happen a lot they are ripping contractors for bad leads


This company posted a fake ad on Craig's list . I made the mistake of calling this 888 #, and they immediately sold my private home # out on a list.

I have received many calls from all over Washington state.

I just spoke to one of the companies that told me they have to pay $20 per number from "home" advisor, aka- this ad.


Please contact me These guys are crooks


I am in complete agreement with other contractor's comments. Their sales people are high pressure, they indicate that the leads will be only $33.00 and that you have the choice to decline the lead.

There is an annual fee of $350.00 plus they want you to subscribe to other services that are even higher priced. Before getting off the phone with the sales person a lead came in, the service was never confirmed, the website was never accessed, no user account was ever set up. This was verified with what they call a customer service department. They are now charging us $47.00 for the lead, not $33.00.

We are receiving threatening letters about collections and their supervisor in a telephone conversation said if we think we have problems now just wait. They will turn it over to collections and ruin our credit. This company is about high pressure sales, threats and intimidation. All contractors should beware of the service, find other avenues to obtain business.

If you talk to them do not agree to anything and do not give them your credit, debit card or any bank information. You will regret it.


I’m not a contractor but have called contractors referred by home advisor; they never return calls! U can’t even pay people to work any more.

My lead was valid but not one contractor called or emailed me back.

Not even the courtesy of a reply saying, perhaps, that wasn’t a job they normally do. Nothing!


from a contractor perspective there could be a reason for this. you could have entered a small job into a high price lead.

meaning that if you wanted an outlet changed but put down home rewiring, well that lead costs around a 120 dollars, which is insane to begin with. now imagine what I would have to charge you to make it worth it for me to contact you.

id get charged immediately and then you'd go with the cheapest guy anyway. you homeowners don't realize the cost of being apart of this scam!


I had the same happen to me false leads


Yes you are right! I got trick in to the same thing... noone ever mentioned anything about lead fee to me and especially anything about different jobs This is a BIGGEST SCAM!!!!


The same thing happened to me how do you get them to take you off the contractor list for good


Are you a service provider that wants real ROI. I can show you first hand how do get homeowner and business owners to call youBradNative Rank


My name is also Brad. I own an Epoxy floor coating Co. Tell me how to get residential customers to call me to get their garage coated.


join the RICO class action against them


I agree, this company is a scam. I signed up and after a few leads that were way more expensive than Scott Carter told me they were going to be I tried to cancel my subscription.

That worked for a while, but they didn't really close the account, they just put it on hold. A few weeks ago in the middle of a Friday night my phone went off with two leads. I immediately logged in and paused leads until Monday when someone was in the office to close the account.

Now two months later they are sending me a bill, so I have been sitting on hold for 30 minutes waiting to talk to someone that can get this straightened out. Contractors, stay away from this company.

@David J

Did they try to send you final notice for your payment due? Same thing happened to me


True true true! We experienced one lie after another, bogus leads, mis information or none at all.


I found the same thing as a contractor for home advisors.


Huge ripoff !Said they would stop drafting my CC and kept on & on !





Home Advisor is a RIP OFF to contractors. $52 per lead, with four companies receiving the same lead. Home Advisor makes more $$$ than the contractors who actually do the work on small projects.Home Advisor should be force to disclose to the customer that each contractor is paying for their name.


Same happen to me. Kept calling me wanting me to sign up saying they had multiple jobs in my area so i finally decided to try it.

Once i signed up they didnt send me anything. Then finally after a few calls i got one lead and the lead wouldnt return my call. Disputed it with my Credit card and got the money back. Home advisor sent me to collections.

I told them I'm not paying and they have been calling me for about 7 months lol. The collectors said my contract only gives me 3 days to cancel. In 3 days you dont have enough time to give them a chance. I never got a contract.

They said there not obligated.

It's on there website the terms. They are a joke.

@Kyle forbes

They sent me to collections too. Wondering if it will show up on my credit (they don't have my social though).

I filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission and my local Attorney General. If it shows up on my credit I will be livid.

@Kyle forbes

Same exact thing here - I can’t understand how they’re still operating ! Total scam


I never fell for their nonsense but what really got me was when I had somebody check to see who they had signed up it was a couple of guys I wouldn't hire to take my trash out.


My experience would support the negative reviews shown here!


the sales people will Tell You *** Anything You Want To Hear.the terms and conditions is what you need to read.cancel within 72 hours of signing up and you'll be fine.any longer than that though and they've got their fangs in.


home advisers almost put me out of business ,they charged double charged for leads some, then top it off I getting charged for bunch of Leads i didnt even take ,we been trying to reach then I so ready paid out give hundred and they saying I still owe them $1,050 and I I don't know why yet


Home adviser is a scam I used them when they were Service magic before they changed there name cuz so many people were sueing them stay away all I ever got in leads was people that never exsisted


Hey it's a great concept from Home Advisor standpoint they sign up as many contractors as they can let's say you call in to get a room painted basic price about a hundred hundred fifty dollars they send that lead to 25 to 30 people Home Advisor makes 2500 to $3,000 for a lead and they don't even care whether a home advisor contractor gets the job or not


HomeAdvisor only sends leads to 3 people tops and that's for their cheapest leads... it's in t&c lol


That's completely false...they send leads to more than 5-6 Service Providers minimum but claim it was only sent to three. It's a scam...

Contractor shoes up to bid on a job and it looks like a Walmart parking lot with so many contractors referred by the same company.. HomeAdvisor...they make all the money and could care less if they hurt or inhibit the initial three assigned contractors by sending the lead to multiple contractors exceeding the 2-3 lead agreement originally entered into.


They've sent the same leads to myself and CraftJack, Networx and Angie's List. Advisor owns all 3 companies.

I've had clients tell me they didn't look through home advisor, just craft Jack and the job was completed months before I got their lead. Fake!!


Wish I would have thought of this perfect money scheme


Home advisors are Crooks the first five leaves I got were completely bogus fake addresses people you call that said I never heard of HomeAdvisor they are Crooks in the worse I don't see how they're staying in business why hasn't the state of Colorado shut these idiots down


Same experience. Told me exactly what I wanted to hear like a used car salesman

Bad leads no problem when will give you a refund

Then they tell me we don't give refunds we only give credits

Scam artist they are currently in a class action lawsuit that is why you will see fewer and fewer commercials on TV for Home Advisor

Bad people bad bad people stay away stay away Will Robinson!!!!


If you are in a class action lawsuit against HomeAdvisor I am in!!!!!!


This is a very true scam they do hook you up with some leads periodically but a lot of the leads are not real and true and people are just scouting for jobs to be done but you still have to pay Home Advisor to give advice to people even if they're not going to do the work so the only person that really gets paid and makes money is Home Advisor so just beware I don't believe they'll make your business I think they'll break your business and they have an excuse for everything great talking people work for them I've done really well with my business in the past without Home Advisor so please if you're a contractor don't use them there's no value


I've tried them also. Every lead is a gamble.

You call and leave a message or text or email and they don't respond half the time.

Then you have to call HA to try and get a refund because of a "No response". Way too time consuming to chase the leads and try to get refunds while still paying $28 a month for the privilege.


yup , told me it was 25$ per month flat rate turned around and charged me $271 . refused to refund me and kept trying to talk me into keeping the service and not canceling . they are clowns !


These folks call me night and day and as far as I can tell they are not such advertisers for my kind of business. I really wish I never even looked into these idiots!!!


*** them! Pieces of *** scammers! Do yourself a favor and stay away from these scammers.


Your an idiot


They called me as well - I am an architect so we are prohibited by law from getting brokered services. They failed two out of two - I looked up architects and the one they sang praised about and marketed above others was NOT EVEN LICENSED!!!

The second was an engineer from King of Prussia who just happened to have signed drawings he did not prepare (illegal), drawings which had the building permit revoked because they did not represent what was actually in the field. A high-level L&I Official basically laughed when I mentioned his name - they believe him incompetent. So, they spend tons of money on ads but are sloppy about verifications - seems they just want to get a piece of everyone's fee.

I avoid them all. People hire me because the word gets around if you do an excellent job for a fair fee.


When I signed up they told me the lead charges were anywhere from 9 to $17 a piece after I signed up the Lee charges were anywhere from 99 $250 and the first eight leads were bogus after that I just cut them off had to cancel my credit card because they kept trying to charge these people are scam artist


I have never signed with home advisor they saw me online some how looking at their advertisement and have been calling me, bugging me for two years. They call me late at night and the minute the clock hit 8:00am Theyre calling me Monday morning!!!

I'm sick of these guys!! How do I get rid of them???!!!


Just say *** that


Do u get refunded ? U have any idea give me pls. I have current balance due is 307.99.


Had the same experience. I asked repeatedly what if I get a job that is not in my area or job I don't do well I get a refund yes you will get a refund after 8 bogus leads I get a credit not a refund but a credit

I am out over $1,000 with these criminals I had to cancel my credit card my credit card company American Express understood and said if you did not receive a viable product or service we will not charge you so they cancelled all charges to them but Home Advisor without any warning because they know they are at fault turn me over to a collection agency

They get a call in for a paint job for example they will send that lead to as many contractors within a hundred miles sometimes as many as 25 or 30 and charge each contractor $100 they're making 2500 to $3,000 and they don't even care if we get a job

Run run very fast from these people do not even think about they are nothing but the criminals and scam artists

Like every contractor I know who has even tried to do work with them I wish I had never heard of Home Advisor


home advisor charged me a lot of money and i got no work. mostly 6 contractors sent to each lead.

at least half of the leads they sold me were ***. i had to shut off my credit card to get rid of them.

Canton, Massachusetts, United States #1348468

These people are parasites. I know a young contractor here in ma who got ripped off bad by these clowns.

I run a home improvement company and am not on HA, Facebook, yellowbook, linkedin, ....what a bunch of bs.

Boycott these shysters. Letter your truck properly, have a decent website, have a good looking logo, take care of your customers, have shiny new business cards on hand, leave your job spotless, hide your tattoos, dont let them know you smoke, be on time, wash your truck, go to bed by 10:00, get all the licenses you can, be insured, send coverage page right away, do a little extra, send out a nice 10 cent mailer from UPrinting, smile and give everyone your card, buy new hallway tarps, call your customer all the time, answer you phone with the least # of rings possible, surprise the homeowner with high end pastries, have dog treats in your truck, send thank you notes and an occasional $100.00 restaurant gift card, dont BS a customer you did this or that before ( they know if its true ), thank them, look them in the eyes, *** HA


Loved the dog treat idea....never thought if that one

Canton, Georgia, United States #1341728

Home adviser is a scan. They don't review the leads. They only care about charging you for bad leads.

Brentwood, California, United States #1319977

I had the exact situation with home advisor, they are a ripoff to contractors. I contacted 5 of the 6 referrals; not one call was returned.

Then home advisor billed my credit card for these fake referrals. I had to cancel my credit card and block home advisor phone number from my phone.


They will not reimburse you for leads just because you cannot get in touch with the customer which is also rip off. They sent us customers that already had the work done months before the sent us the leads. 4 out of 34 were legitimate.

New Glarus, Wisconsin, United States #1308938

They just took me for $348 to sign up and $152 in fraudulent charges in 4 days for leads that had nothing to do with my business.

Hamilton, Alabama, United States #1306159

Don't sign up. They are a rip off.

Poor or Fraud leads or too many just "curious" leads. They will ALWAYS charge you for a lead. Credits are applied "AFTER" you pay.

No Refunds!

Under class action lawsuit at this time.


how can i get in on this class action law suit




Very frustrated with the fact that they will Not give me credit for leads that are something we do not do. Poor screening on HA part.

Lead cost have jumped to $39 per lead without advance warning. In all honesty, some of their leads are good.


Hello, We're sorry to see the frustrations here. We're here to help, please send your contact information to and a rep will reach out to assist. -HASupport

Fresno, California, United States #1295192

Wished I had reviewed this before signing up and giving my money to these crook's.

Blairsville, Pennsylvania, United States #1292490

I'm a consumer.. I was on Home Advisor looking for a roofer...

We just built a new home and our $50,000 roof was installed wrong.. so I was SHOCKED when I saw the builder that built our home and would not HONOR OUR WARRANTY... installed our roof wrong.. NO FLASHING...

No Starter Shingles ... Wrong Size Nails.. I wrote 7 reviews and sent them to Home Advisor which not one of my reviews was ever posted...

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? For Home Advisor to continue giving this builder a 5 star rating ??


Join the crowd! I had the same exact situation with a bathroom remodel.

Refused to post my bad review. By the way..I worked for home advisor for 30 days. Walked out because of their unscrupulous business practices. Those five star reviews are posted after you join.

They are received from the contractor himself. HA asked for family, friends or neighbors. They don't care as long as they can post them. Doesn't even have to be someone the contractor did work for.

They're currently having their *** sued off in federal court for deceptive deceptive business practices. Employees are threatened with their jobs on a daily basis if they don't lie to the contractors. Fear tactics used constantly.

Run as fast as you can! They're criminals!!!!!

Courtland, Virginia, United States #1279633

Home advisor is a rip off! I paid the membership fee and they sold me on

the lead idea, if so I thought I actually got the job.

I checked my credit card and they had been charging me for leads sometimes up to 150$!!!

When I called them to tell them i,had not earned one penny from their leads they refused to reimburse my acct. They are one big scam!

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1268844

They got me for 700 dollars,and now trying to charge me for 900.They are a scam,people dont know where the leads coming from.Some people in apartments.Is there any lawyers out there that will help.

Bronx, New York, United States #1266955

I have a drywall business that would get charged on my card then the person would cancel the appointment.... its so crazy that they could charge $30 or ?

for my lead and I would not even get in the house....i now keep turning off my leads but forget and then another charge...What a great idea to screw hard working contractors - imagine the millions. ***

Columbia City, Indiana, United States #1259010

I completely agree! These guys are crooks!!

They sent us tons of bogus leads, and charged us for all of them, scamming us out of hundreds of dollars, promised refunds we never saw, charged us for calls we never ran, and charged us for an mhelp desk we didnt even agree too. They make their money in the most dishonest way possible. By stealing. And from small business owners no less.

How they sleep at night, I will never know. God help them!


They are bogus as ***, I'm giving them up to just as soon as I can. I absolutely hate home advisor.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1211569

What you said I could not be more true. It is nothing but a scam these guys are so fake they tried to take me as well and I caught them in time but I had to fight for my money back period big waste of time and they still call me once every two months with the new person they hired because their turnover rate sucks.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1181366

This company is based out of th UK and will hit millions of credit cards and debit cards and go out of buisness they used to be call service magic was there old company and it went bust stole millions


Home advisor is a rip off, don't buy into this scam, from Huntington ny


I totally agree, this is company have know idea about what their doing. They send you leads that you don't want and than have the balls to charge you for them. this company is the worst.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #992371

Just my two cents... found out last night my cousin's husband signed in to be a "contractor" thru HomeAdvisor" and he's not licensed, not insured, not very good at home improvement or DYI projects...

I'm scared for anyone who gets his services! How can they hire people who aren't even proven or insured?

: 0


same thing here! seems all they are concerned with is getting their hands on a weekly withdrawal from your bank account!

got two leads that i basically had to give away!

and then here come the bad leads! a bunch of them!

after the first 2 or 3 of them i got on "live help"(yea right!!)and stated i wanted a credit for them, the smooth talker never told me squat! that was 2 weeks ago and no credits! 6,7,8 more "targeted leads" come and every single one of them are complete duds!!!


i am HIGHLY TRAINED in sales! so don't sit there and say "its me" home advisor!!!!

put the phone books down and get real leads "home advisor"!!! AND YOUR *** RIGHT IM PISSED!!!!!!

beside this ***, they shoot leads to several "pro's" and all are charged! BEFORE YOU GET SCAMMED JOINING THIS BUCKET OF ***, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!

THERE ARE OTHER COMPANIES OUT THERE! REAL COMPANIES! there is a reason why most companies change their name.... they are running from something!

just go to the "bbb" website and look. as i am typing this i have had 2 calls from "home advisor" wanting a credit card number! that is all they are concerned with!



They're plenty of contractors who realize the methodology of homeadvisor. I use them as a licensed contractor and am make waaaaaaaaaaaaay more money then I am spending with them. So they are not the problem my friend, it is you.


You are right you need to know how HA works you need to set your travel preferences how far you will go for work and refine your work preferences. and set a budget I set mine @ $100 per month @ first to see how things go.

I have made most of the money back that I spent but am still in the red a few hundred. most are false leads and the work that customers request on HA is not what they are always looking for home advisor is a business that is out for themselves and love to charge as much as they can you need to educate yourself on how to keep them on a leash and use them to your best interest I have made some great contacts through them and have made new customers through those contacts.

I have since dumped HA as I am not happy with the way they do business. and find thumbtack a much better lead Company as you only pay for the leads that contact you no fake leads you get a chance to sell yourself to a real person all I can say is you have to always have your interest first and do not rely on someone else to do it for you

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Homeadvisor - Major Scammers

They charge you for all calls even thought call clearly says you only pay for calls accepted. They send out the same calls to several different contractors and charge them all even if you don't get the job.

I've asked for call credits several times and representative will tell you "yes we'll credit your disputed calls " but credit never shows up on your account. Many complaints and a major class action lawsuit are currently against this company.

I refused to pay them and they will send to collections and you'll need to sue them for illegal charges in small claims court. Major bullying scam company.

Review #1559924 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1559924.

Homeadvisor - Crooks

They send alit of us cleaning business the same person they charge us and half the time the people don’t even want cleaning done and when you try to get Crédit home advisor denies your credit . Each time I call I get different answers to the same questions.

If I could get a refund I would . I also referred a friend and she is getting the same treatment. We are not happy with them at all .

I will never refer them again.i have people calling me asking why I haven’t showed up to clean , they have paid for it and scheduled it only problem is I have no idea what they are talking about I never scheduled them and never received payments . I’m not sure exactly what is going on but it’s does not add up .

Review #1558386 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1558386.

How HomeAdvisor steals from contractors

This is how HomeAdvisor rips off contractors:

Someone puts in a bogus request for services.

They set up a voicemail box to capture all contractors information.

They send bogus telemarketers to contractors and sells their information elsewhere.

These types of leads are costing contractors thousands.

HomeAdviser needs to stop these business practices.

They are illegal and criminal.

The calls for fake leads and telemarketers becomes overwhelming at times, they will steal your money, waste your time and harvest all your information for malicious purposes.

They push down your website as far as possible so a real potential customer will find your company on HomeAdvisor before getting to your site.

Now they will sell that lead to you and a dozen others.

You would have to have rocks in your head for brains to even consider joining this FRAUDULENT company.

Review #1553658 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Contractor recommended by homeadvisor has criminal history and stole 9500.00 from my mom

homeadvisor recommened rldevelopment in Rockford, il.

they are supposed to ck. them out.

he has a criminal background- illegal possession of firearm/no foid card/ shooting from moving car. and gang activity and breaking into cars. this is the contractor the owner is his g.f. Rachel rodruguiz has akas sued a few times or taking money/oweing money.

so with this we signed a contract with them not knowing any of this the contractor Rachel rodruguz came to my house.

and broke the contract. said they would return the money they owe us. guess what? they don't answer there phone.

they have no contact with us, the down payment was 15500.00 worked only 48 hrs. 3700.00 in materials and don't return any money. homeadvsor said they would go to small claims with us to get our money back. well homeadvsor has dropped us.

no answers. no help. said that the co. rldevelopment was going to quit homeadvisior.

its a lie. they are in bed with each other. mean while iam out 9500.00 its my moms moms money she is borrowing money for addition to our house they stole from a 80 yearold grandma.. to fraudulant co.

is rldevelopmentllc in Rockford, ill. 61102. call them they wont answer there phone. owner of co.

Rachel rodriguiz contractor boyfreinf matthew ray latino. wont give us our money back. homeadvisor said they would see it thru to go to small claimns court they lied they dropped us. homeadvisor ripoff artists and in bed with rldevelopmentllc Rockford, il.

61102 iam the one that got shafted. keith browning 2542 melody lanr Rockford, il,.

61114 cel 8152224788. I need help

Review #1552371 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Homeadvisor - Fraud

I signed up for HA in the middle of May 17 2019. I accepted 4 leads in May, set up consultations with 4 homeowners with zero confirmation or follow up.

By June 1 2019 HA had charged $700 to my account that cleared. I spoke with their customer service department stating my concerns, desire to discontinue services and requested that the charges be refunded to my account.

I was told that they don't guarantee business, there are no refunds offered to my account and that they were sorry. Home Advisor proved to be an organized racket, scamming contractors for as much money as they can charge in very short amount of time before they are found out and confronted.

Review #1550089 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Homeadvisor - Like a bunch of freaking leeches!

We have repeatedly told Homeadvisor that we are not interested in their services, and have all but begged them to stop calling. In desperation, I finally blocked a number after they called me 3 times in the span of 10 minutes, only to have the same guy call from a different number today.

I have an answering service for my business, and he keeps calling and leaving a message with them, same name every time, and today he left the callback number as the one I blocked. What do we have to do to get rid of these people!?!?!?!?!?

Review #1541832 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1541832.

Homeadvisor - Quit calling me

I am a general contractor who gets these calls, Hey, Gladys I am going to make you rich, I immediately say who is this because someone I don't know doesn't get to act like they are a long lost friend. When they finally tell me they are Home Advisor I say thank you but I do not need your service.

The next thing I know I get asked personal questions like How much business do you do? what was last years take? How do you get customers? Then I get mad and say do not call again.

First of all I do not owe you an explanation of why I don't want to do business with you. You are a voice on the phone.

Really? So my new strategy is going to be a response like "what color is your underwear so they can flag my business as kooky and quit calling".

Review #1539191 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1539191.

Homeadvisor - Bad leads, business practices and terrible customer service

While talking to this company about the poor quality of leads and my company being charged for leads on services we do not provide, I told them that I did not want to renew unless I received a credit for the leads. While I was waiting for the response, they sent my account to collections and added the annual renewal fee.

When I called to talk with them about it they said, "sorry, it's out of our hands once it is sent to collections."

This company is terrible. I will never consider working with them again and would caution any small business from using the service they offer

Review #1538481 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Homeadvisor in Northeast Jefferson, Colorado - Don't waste your time or money

We had the same experience, this is a complete scam and any contractor that signs up with them should beware. Do not provide them with a credit card number or bank account.

We even received a lead before we even finished signing up with them last year, they charged us for the lead, we cancelled the service immediately and complained, they refused to listen.

We finally paid the fee in protest. They then turned us over to a collection agency.

We have no balance but the collection agency is charging "collection charges".

They are a totally worthless and unscrupulous provider of services for any contractor. Do your best work and you will receive plenty of leads from satisfied customers.

Review #1531077 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Contact Homeadvisor Customer Service

Mailing Address:
HomeAdvisor, Inc.
14023 Denver West Pkwy Bldg. 64
Golden, Colorado 80401
United States
All Homeadvisor Contacts

Homeadvisor - Ruthless and unethical charges for leads

I read some of the responses Home Advisor made about complaints filed against them. The two biggest word in all the complaint responses is, I'm Sorry", covering about 54 pages of complaints.

Review #1528863 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1528863.

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