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We donate to Home for Life and have for close to 20 years. Peaches was one of the cats we adopted financially....I met her a few times and she seemed to be happy and content and was friendly. She passed June, 2014...she lived with a terrible injury for a long time...I wanted you to know that I think she had a good's an email after Peaches passed....RIP, Peaches... On Thu, 19 Jun 2014 16:42:24 -0700 wrote: > We have supported Rory the... Read more

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I find it odd that this "sanctuary" blocks and deletes any questions on their Facebook page when inquiring about an animal. Why would they not put the best interest of the animal first? All animals are here for life? No adoptions? 200 animals! HUGE RED FLAG! This sanctuary is bringing in almost 1 million a year according to and Charity Navigator. I hope these animals are being taken care of properly and this is not another... Read more

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Home For Life - Review about Animal Shelter from Minneapolis, Minnesota
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In 2008 my dear kitten, peaches, of 7 months was shot (most likely by a neighbor) while we were at church one Sunday afternoon in November . She and her brother were outdoor cats since we lived in an old farm house with land and woods. She lived but her spine was severed as the bullet went right through, and as a result she became paraplegic. I was in middle school at the time and my siblings were busy with school, my dad was self... Read more

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I have been a financial donor to HFL for many years. After learning about the negative comments directed at them I was compelled to visit their sanctuary. I wanted to see for myself if the allegations were true or not. I found the staff to be very caring towards the animals and very courteous to me. The sanctuary was clean, the food bowls were filled & the water was fresh. I saw no signs of mistreatment of the animals and in fact they... Read more

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I don't understand the negative comments on this site, and believe they are made by disgruntled folks who don't care much about facts. The place is clean, the activities organized, and the animals are obviously well cared for and happy. The animals at HFL are special needs animals, requiring a great deal of special care. Providing this kind of care must be very difficult, and the cost of doing so must be enormous. This facility has been... Read more

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My complaint is about the obvious bias of the people posting on this web site. As I read these complaints, I see people with personal grudges and people who think animals with behavior issues and/or disabilities are better off dead. Home for Life is a beautifully managed sanctuary that takes in cats and dogs who have behavior issues and/or disabilities that would make adoption very difficult. Animals like this are euthanized at all too many... Read more

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I don't care who this person is but they are most likely not 100% incorrect. I had a dog years ago that had a bladder problem that made it impossible for him to hold his pee so he could never be housebroken. He learned to go outside to potty but would leak on the way to the door and would have to go out constantly because he couldn't hold it. I spent way more money than I really had to spend just to find out what was wrong with him only to be... Read more

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Employee turnover is quite high at HFL. They are paid $8 an hour with the promise of $10 an hour after 100 hours. Employees are let go when they reach the point of $10 an hour with the reason that Lisa can't afford to pay so many employees, even though there are new employees starting every week. When employees are let go, they don't always get their last paycheck. I wonder how long this has been going on. Has this happened to any other... Read more

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Lisa LaVerdiere fired both of my daughters just recently. One because Lisa listens to, and promotes gossiping between her employees about each other at HFL. The second one was fired because Lisa didn't feel comfortable having her work there after firing the first one. No chance given or anything. Fired through an email on her way to work. Now she has shown up at the second daughter's second place of employment and trash talked her to the... Read more

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We did a substantial amount of work for Home for Life Animal Sanctuary. The owner is disorganized and unrealistic in how she handles work. She does not respect other people, does not communicate well, does not take ownership for her shortcomings, blames others for her incompetence. She failed to meet deadlines to get information to us and then blamed us when things were late. She feels the need to control everything herself and trusts no one. We... Read more

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