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Home decorus llc Rob Jones scammer

We hired this man to do a floor installation. He quote a price and we gave $2500 deposit at start of job.

He hired subcontractors and work got underway. After 5 days the subcontractors had trouble getting hold of him. They were worried about not being paid so they left the job. He promised installers would arrive to replace them,none arrived.

After a few days we asked for our money back less money he was due to pay the subcontractors. He refused and made many threats against us including saying he was going to report us for using unlicensed contractors on other jobs and failing to get permits etc. He also promised us he had paid the sub contractor $1700. The sub contractor was asking us to pay him as he had received nothing.

He eventually gave the sub contractor $1000 and kept the other $1500 for himself. He felt that he could steal $1500 for not completing a job, robbing the customer and also the contractor to fill he greedy pockets. His website talks about honesty, fairness and being a veteran etc. In reality he is just a conman.

He took money for a job he could not complete then kept $1500 that he had no right to and would not even pay his workers.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this shark. Don;t fall for his schmooze

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"i just happened across this thread,I dont know this guy and never had any dealings with him, but he needs to be exposed for what he is." - Anonymous

Well, that about sums up bias hearsay as fact, eh? You don't know the guy, never spoke with him, never hired him, but yet you agree he needs to be exposed for what he is?

A bit contentious don't you think?

Let's just say you don't know him and cannot comment one way or the other and until you do know personally, no one should be "exposed" for anything....

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you are a total fuckbrain... read *** read


As an installer myself, in the field for more than 20 years, it has been my experience that performing labor on a pay by percentage of completion basis is better than anything. If I'm not supplying materials, I will usually ask the customer to pay in quarterly amounts, 25% upon work being complete the first day or two, followed by subsequent draws over time as the work is completed.

Nothing wrong with this method, it makes both parties feel secure, if you don't show back up, hiring someone to finish it off (as long as what has been done is up to par, which you should examine before paying "as you go"), isn't that big of a deal.

Lots of things happen to us, we're only human. I got into a car accident hours after starting a 5,000 square foot house full of tile and wood flooring. Had I accepted a large deposit without having any work done, I would surely look like a *** artist.

But I simply called the customer from the hospital, referred a fellow contractor and no worries...

The first problem with this entire ordeal is the down payment issue. The only time money should be presented up front is if materials are being delivered and need to be paid for. Labor should always be paid upon completion in any real world setting, or if the contractor is living week to week, pay as you go, if necessary.

As for Rob Jones, I cannot say anything bad, I have never dealt with the man, nor hired him as a sub, I know nothing about him, therefore I'm not qualified to leave any review.

It does appear though that one person is posting all the negative comments on craigslist.

As a flooring contractor with my own warehouse, employees, and repeat investors and clients, I can tell you that the best form of business is honest business done on a pay scale that suits each party, and never give anyone a large deposit up front for labor.


i just happened across this thread,I dont know this guy and never had any dealings with him, but he needs to be exposed for what he is. below is some additional info that i found on him.

i guess he likes to change business names and telephone frequently

*TILE PRO *** HOUSE PAINTING by PAINT PRO * (JAX Space Coast Orlando Daytona)

*** HOUSE PAINTING by PAINT PRO * STARTING at $ 599.00 ***

Call or Text Rob Robert 386-227-****

Painting Volusia, Seminole & Orange County Since 1991

Daytona,DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, Debary, Sanford, Lake Mary Longwood ,Port Orange His name is ROB JONES aka ROBERT JONES , he is a shady *** man from the orlando area, this is some of what is written about him: Some of the current headers in adverts on the florida craigslist that we are interested in,from Orlando to Jacksonville to Daytona to Melbourne, 1) *** TILE INSTALLATION by TILE PRO * STARTING at $ 1.15 s/f *** 2) * I INSTALL CERAMIC TILE IN EMPTY HOUSES FOR $ 1.15 S/F 3) *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER TILE REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES *** 4) I PAINT EMPTY HOUSES FOR LESS $ 599.00 * DRYWALL * TEXTURE * TILE 5) (new as of 6/13) * PRODUCTION TILE CREW * HOTEL/MOTEL * CONDO'S * RENOVATION PROJECTS * & * RAPO'S TILE REMODELING* * RAPOS TILE * 6) (new as of 7/1) *** HOUSE PAINTING by PAINT PRO * STARTING at $ 599.00 *** 7) PAINTER AND HIS BRUSH telephone numbers keep changing frequently, the most recent known ones connected with those adverts : 321-872-**** / 321-872-**** / 386-227-**** / 407-749-**** / 321-252-**** /407-574-**** Below is a recent post ( unedited ) in the Space Coast CL: Posted: 2015-05-15 10:15am prev next print RE- *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES *** (RIP OFF SCAM) License info: Unlicensed RE- *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES *** (HE WILL RIP UP OFF ) *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES yea right ................Rob Jones ............. THIS GUY IS A *** MAN HE WILL RIP YOU OFF LIKE HE DID ME SOME TILE MAN WHAT A TRASH JOB HE DID FOR ME AT 83


I also had a bad experience with Rob Jones after hiring him for a tile job while back after finding him on craigslist. Come to find out afterwards he is a well known bad apple in the central florida area.

He is not a class act , neither professionly nor in appearence, and that goes for the derelict he sent to do the job, as well.

just look at the laungage he uses against others in the posts below. that says a lot about this man.


I have been following this thread with interest and have the following observations to make.

Mr Jones, no matter how much a customer annoys you, it is NEVER acceptable to call him a roach or a dead beat. Nobody in their right mind would openly say so something so foolish. If you can speak about a customer in this way, why would any other customer hire you and risk falling foul of your wrath should they upset you? Also if you fail to pay your installers by coming up with weak excuses, how can you expect others to work for you?

I have been a tile installer for 35 years, I do not even bother to advertise. ALL of my work comes from recommendation from satisfied customers. The customer is always right even if I don't agree with him. (believe me, I have dealt with some of the most difficult customers out there). He (or she) pays my wages and its up to me to ensure I deliver what I promise for a fair price.

From your own words above, you failed to deliver the service as promised. If an installer that you hired leaves a job, its down to you to replace him, no questions, you are the boss, you are getting paid your percentage for overseeing the job and hiring and firing when needed. You cannot simply blame one of your workers for a job collapsing. If you hit a problem you solve it, you take responsibility and don't blame the installer or the customer. Have you heard the expression 'A bad workman always blames his tools'? You must know that when you fail to complete a job that you have written an estimate for, the written estimate becomes null and void and unenforceable in a court of law. Customers have many legal remedies when you fail to complete a written contract including claiming for damages and even claiming for more expensive contractors to complete the job that you failed to complete. I have helped many other customers remedy similar situations in the past.

My reputation is everything to me, I would move *** and earth to keep my customers happy and ensure it remained intact.

Mr Ferrari, don't be too disillusioned. You can easily solve this in court and you did the right thing exposing a bad apple in this barrel. Others will read this and come to their own conclusions. I am way to far away to assist you in completing your job but I will send you details of someone close to you that I think will be able to give you a good service for a decent price.

Sue him and move on, don't lose any sleep over this.

housevilla f

I am pleased Mr Jones had responded on here. Although, His open insults to a customer speak volumes. Mr Jones has openly lied stating he removed 3000 sq ft of ceramic tile. I personally removed every ceramic tile before any installers arrived and I also sent Mr Jones photographic proof of this (which I have in a forensically verifiable time stamped email dated before the arrival of workers). I was concerned at the $1900 tearout quote so I removed the tile myself to keep the costs down. When sending him proof of this I also stated the following just for the sake of clarity.

"Original quote was $1905 for main area tearout and prep. I know the tile is supposedly easier than the thinset but it was still hard work and it has still saved them some time I will leave it up to you to decide what to charge me. You can decide how much to deduct for work already done. I will not argue with you and will rely on you to charge a fair price"

Mr Jones replied below (I shall post all the emails online shortly)

Hey Terry,

"WOW, you have been working hard..... !!! ( I saw the pics. )

Don't worry In the end everything will be fine. ( He gets all his work from me. )

Ashton is on his way there now. I am 100% positive that everything will work out so don't worry.

We want to do business with you for a long time coming. And I will insure you get a good deal.

Again, Thanks for your business,


So even a layman can see here that Mr Jones is agreeing I have done a considerable part of the originally quote job and assuring me that I would be extremely satisfied in the reduction of his original $1905 quote.

Installers arrived, I paid Mr Jones $2500 deposit, two installers worked hard for 5 days removing wooden floors and the remaining thinset.

They then started to worry about not being paid and not hearing from Mr Jones, plus the extra installers failed to arrived as Mr Jones had promised. The original installer did ask me to pay them direct because they were worried about Mr Jones not paying them. I could not do this as I had paid mr jones the deposit plus I did not hire the installers, he did. Original installers left the job and Mr Jones promised new installers would arrive. After 3 days they had not arrived so I politely cancelled the job. At first Mr Jones was fine his words are below

"I'm very sorry and I understand,

Rob Jones"

I knew Mr Jones had agreed to pay the installers $1700 for the tearout so I even suggested he keep $200 for himself and just return me $600, making the job $1900 even though he had clearly promised me that it would cost me much less than that.

That's when things turned nasty, he flipped and became abusive. He said to my installer "F*&k you, F*&k Pammy (my fiance) and f*Kk Terry too". It was this huge unwarranted insults that made me flip and take it extremely personal.

He refused to refund any money and worse still he only paid the two installers $1000 between them for 5 days hard work despite promising them $1700. Despite not being able to complete my job, he felt somehow entitled to steal the other $1500 for himself. He had not done any work whatsoever himself, he had arrived once to measure up and once to collect his deposit. He had then failed to complete the job as promised. For this almost zero work, he feels entitled to $1500 when his installers busted their b*lls for 5 days and he gave them a mere $1000 to split despite promising them $1700. They had families to feed but he felt it OK to steal from them and me alike.

I told Mr Jones I have reported him to various anti fraud agencies. Once their inquiries are complete they will decide if they are going to prosecute. At the end of their inquiries, I shall sue Mr Jones for return of my money and for damages. I doubt I'll get paid but I will place a lien on his house to secure the debt.

I really don't care about the money, I have lost larger amounts to bigger thieves than Mr Jones. However, I do want to expose him and hopefully prevent some other innocent family or hard working installers, being treated in the same way.

I am quite a wealthy man and would never openly call someone a thief unless I felt I could prove this. Mr Jones is welcome to sue me if he thinks he can prove that I have defamed him. You can judge for yourselves. I shall post a link to all the emails once I have converted them to PDF format, plus I will post the eventual outcome of the civil suit.



We removed over 3000 s/f of existing ceramic tile from this customers home that he said he was going to remove. The day we arrived on the job is when he asked us to do the work.

So he is complaining about paying $2500.00 for a $3500.00 job. Second. The guy working on the job was not a sub-contractor he was an Independent contractor. He is from Jacksonville working in Vero Beach.

I had asked him for a week to give me his bank info so I could make a deposit in his account. After a week he finally gave me his bank info but gave me the wrong information. But he received his money the following day. I spoke with him everyday several times a day.

The problem started when he asked the customer for another check for $ 2800.00 The customers wife called me on the phone to tell me and please to call her husband and tell him not to give him any more money. What I didn't know was this guy left the job called the other tile installer and told him not to go to the job. So that same day I paid him $1000.00 I sent him a w-9 which is required to get paid and he refused to send it to me. Also I lent him a $ 400.00 tool that he did not return to me.

So as far as Mr Ferrari (the complainer ) is concerned he still owes me $1000.00 for the work we have done. I really don't know what he is complaining about when he got $1000.00 worth of free work.

Now because he is so cheap, the word is out not to work for this guy and I did not put out that word. Rob Jones


It's clearly Mr Jones posting the 2nd comment. Who else other than he owner would use the term 'you customers'?

Thanks for the warning.

Some people have no morals, he is clearly one of those people.

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You base your opinions on one sided truth.

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