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Dr. William Leone Butchered My Hip

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I had surgery in August of 2014 to replace my right hip. It has not worked properly since that day. A dr. Rosen of Orlando Orthopedics said the hip is defective and DR. Leone will not even return my calls. I want compensation and his paying for a new surgery with another doctor. Do to his negligence I also received a fee blood clot in my leg. Stay clear of this doctor! If you google his name and add the word reviews you will see many similar complaint as well as on facebook and twitter not to mention pissed consumer.
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Damaged or defective

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Glenn R Bqb

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Blair Mitchell Eig, Chief Medical Doctor at Holy Cross Hospital in SS is a Liar

Holy Cross Health - Blair Mitchell Eig, Chief Medical Doctor at Holy Cross Hospital in SS is a Liar
Holy Cross Health - Blair Mitchell Eig, Chief Medical Doctor at Holy Cross Hospital in SS... - Image 2
Holy Cross Health - Blair Mitchell Eig, Chief Medical Doctor at Holy Cross Hospital in SS... - Image 3
This is my opinion of Blair Mitchell Eig and how he is as I see him: My experience with Blair Mitchell Eig has been the worst ever as a Chief Medical Officer, I went to one of their clinics at Holy Cross Hospital and they refused to use LabCorp, who Care-First uses as their only In Network Lab. Because of this I was forced to leave the clinic I had been going to for a couple of years. This came about Because my insurance changed to CareFirst through the Federal Government which had No out of Net-Work Benefits & when my wife accepted a job with the Federal Gov. CareFirst is in bed with the big hospitals because of the all mighty buck, and because of this, they did not do anything even though Holy Cross is In Net Work and are supposed to send you to In Net Work Labs etc. Than in October I scheduled shoulder surgery their. The doctor was a Steve Bleckner. Don't ever go to this jer-k or any within his practice. My regular orthopedic doctor , Alam who does what I needed according to his add posted on line referred me to Bleckner. All I know is they just moved in together so I have no idea why he would send me to Bleckner. Growing up you are taught to trust doctors. Well after what happened, in this case, I wouldn't trust any of the above to give me advice or do surgery on a dead rat much less a healthy rat. I have more respect for all animals. Because of what Holy Cross Hospital did to me at the clinic by not following my insurance guidelines and forcing me out, I wrote on my pr-registration I had to do 13 days prior to surgery, I did not trust Holy Cross Hospital because they do not follow insurance guidelines. Which is true because it happened and no doubt they knew it and I filed complaints and so on. I had to prepare for the surgery because of the long recovery and make sure my wife could deal with things at home because I would not be able to use my arm for a few months. Our dog had been extremely ill the past year and we had to have two transfusions, surgeries, CPR , IV fluid treatments twice a day and feed her with a syringe for the past 9 months because she would not eat her favorite foods such as roast beef, corn beef, shrimp or anything and I bought her everything. She was the sweetest German Sheppard ever. I miss her a great deal. About two weeks ago now she took a bad turn for the worse at about 2am. I guess I was lucky not having the surgery, because we had to take her to the emergency vet Hope in Rockville MD and only I could carry her. People who lose their pets and best friend know how it feels. We miss her so much. I also believe this was caused by the vet giving her the wrong medication for to long. By the time we decided to take her off this medication Predisone, her kidneys were ruined. That night was the hardest thing I had to deal with that I can remember. Sorry to digress. My wife took off work from the Federal Government to be at the hospital and take me home. After I was finished being prepped and the IV started, my wife came back in and then Bleckner came in to tell us what he is going to do. Everything was fine. He left and in about 5 minutes, he came back with some woman from the hospital and she asked me if I wanted to have the surgery. I said of course, why else would I be there. Than Bleckner asked me about what I wrote 13 days earlier on the back of that paper. First of all when I wrote it, the hospital employee saw it. If they thought it was a big deal, or a problem, they had 13 days to inform Bleckner, or he should have read it days before surgery and not five minutes before. They should have said something to Eig or faxed it to Bleckner. I was just venting because of my previous situation with their clinic only a few weeks before. I told Bleckner it had nothing to do with him and it had to do with the clinic their. All he said is he knew the doctor that ran the clinic like they were friends or something and this is against the hospital, and because of what I wrote, he was not going to do the surgery and just walked out. How many of you would be mad at the doctor just walking out after you spent a month preparing for this. I will say I was very mad. The nurse came back in and removed the IV. I tore the name bands off and threw them on the floor, got dressed and yanked open the curtain and left with my wife right behind me. Later I received a call from a Carolyn Williams who is in customer relations. She is a waste of oxygen. I told her exactly what happened but she either cant hear, is only gathering information to do a damage control to protect the hospital or writes fiction. A couple of days later I receive a letter from this "Blair Eig" head telling me I can no longer have elective surgery their because of my hostile reaction but I can still come to the emergency room. By law they cannot refuse to treat you in the emergency room but after that who would want to go there or how do you trust them. I was expecting an apology at the least for how I was treated, but not even close. His account of what I said and did was, He said I threw the IV at one of the nurses and used prof-anity at several of the nurses before I left and said I told them I was going to burn the hospital down. The fact is, I removed the name band from my wrist, got dressed, and left and did not stop to talk to or yell at anyone. I later told them I was mad and had a good reason to be yelling but it was not directed at anyone, more just venting out loud as we left and told my wife lets get the hel- out of this *** place. I wrote Eig and J Rogers, and a Kevin Sexton and offered to take a polygraph test and told them to have who ever said or did those things to take one as well and I even said, even if they wont take a test, I still will. I knew they would not but I have no problem taking the test. My wife was a witness and I thought maybe I may have blacked out and did those things, but I asked her and she said I did not throw any IV or stop to yell at anyone on are way out. I would not ask my wife to lie and she would never. I am sure she was not happy at all as well. The fact is because of her security clearance level. she can be tested randomly for drugs and to submit to polygraph tests to see if they lie about anything and would lose her job if she lies. I believe Eig is raciest pig and maybe Kevin Sexton and or Judith Rogers, who are the top officials their are as well or at least against Je-ws. I read online where a daughter had her father there for a minor issue, they forgot to feed him for a week, the Rabbi told the doctors they needed to do some procedure which I do not believe they did and one doctor told the daughter, she should let him die. Eig was involved in this as well under damage control. I saw another article online about the new Holy Cross hospital in Gaithersburg that was built on school land or something like this and people were protesting this because they felt it was pushing kids towards their religious beliefs. I respect anyone's religion as long as they do not try and change me. It seems Holy Cross Hospital has a rac-iest problem based on what I read on line and personal experience. I got all of this on line, not my words except my opinion after readying what I did find online. If anyone doubts what I said is true Google it. I am more then happy to take a polygraph test for anyone who wants to pay for the test. I have been going to Holy Cross since it was built I believe in 1963 and I am older then Blair Mitchell Eig. and his wife Kaethe Enos Eig is a year older than he is. I think Eig would have made a good priest if he wasn't a Pediatrician lol. Write and ask him why they wont take a polygraph test. 12017 Coldstream Drive, Potomac MD 20854 or call him at work 301-754-**** and ask him why he doesn't want to know the truth. The fact is he knows the truth, but he doesn't want others to. You can email him to at eigb@***.org I am sure his kids could tell some stories about him, Sarah, Steven or Joshua. I cant imagine growing up with a "father like Eig"
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Poor customer service

Will someone take out involuntary commitment papers on this nutcase please? He clearly should be behind locked doors....!


The problem with crazy is...you don't know it when you are. These folks should beware of you, not the opposite.

Good for Dr. Bleckner for knowing danger when he sees it.

It's the WHOLE WORLD against you, isn't it junkmaneast? One word for you, therapy!!!, and lots of it.

Glenn R Bqb
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-958522

When people write ad Anonymous, it tells me they are hiding something, like being Bleckner using a fake online ID, or is connected to him. If the hospital thought what I wrote about the clinic was that serious or would have mattered to Bleckner, they should have told him about it when I wrote it, which was 13 days prior to surgery.

The clinic had nothing to do with him except he said the doctor was a friend of his. So you are saying if I do not like one of his friends, he should be able to walk out of surgery minutes before going in. This has nothing to do with the whole world against me, it only shows they will all lie to support each other. It's like a legal "Gang" Why do you think it is so hard to sue a doctor, attorney or the police.

They all stick together and to find one who will testify against the other is very hard. You see movies all the time where police, or other officials lie for each other but something happens and one cant deal with the lies any longer and blows the whistle or his partner kills him for telling the bad one he is going to tell. I know of a case where a detective was doing secondary work and he was telling his boss about the case and they are going to say and do what ever it takes to nail this person, meaning lie or what ever. What he did not know is the boss knew of that person he was being told about.

He also did not know the boss had applied to be a federal police officer. He came forward and told what the detective told him and testified to that in court. So the bottom line is you may be correct because you must be crazy to make such a comment but I cant fault you since it is not polite to attack people with mental issues like yourself even if you don't know it.

Seek help before it;s to late. I don't want to hear about you in the news for going on a killing spree or harming your self.

reply icon Replying to comment of Glenn R Bqb

I was not associated with your aborted surgery, but I saw your little performance in preop. I do not blame Dr.

Eig or anyone else for what transpired.

I hope you got your surgery from somewhere and someone you fully trusted. To place your life in hands whom you don't fully trust is foolhardy. To say "I did not trust Holy Cross Hospital" and then go ahead with major surgery there reveals poor judgment. Good for Dr.

Bleckner in cancelling....


I too am posting as anonymous. Because I am a coward--after all, who wants to subject themselves to an angry, dangerous old coot who will publish home address and family details of those he hates online?

Glenn R Bqb
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1329555

If you were in fact there, which you give no proof and anyone can say they were there and mention "my performance" because I told the truth of what transpired above and what was said and how upset I was, so Ms or Mr anonymous, as far as I am concerned, you are a liar and a fake and no doubt a coward. To all of a sudden come forward almost three years later and anonymous, only tells me your lying or you would have much sooner.

If I had not written on that paper or expressed my feelings which is called "Freedom of Speech" or I could have posted it online prior to surgery and they would not have seen it before surgery or maybe even never, I would have had the surgery and that would have been the end of it. All of the comments seem to express the fact I am crazy etc in some way or dangerous, so to me it sounds like the same person writing a reply or a friend of. If you were there than you would know Eig is lying and everyone there was as well. I was completely prepped for surgery, IV started and dressed and ready.

I spoke to Bleckner once and everything was fine. Than he came back with some hospital staff woman and asked me about what I wrote on the paper and I said it had nothing to do with him, only the clinic there. He said that doctor was a friend of his and walked out. My regular orthopedic doctor Zohair S.

Alam, M.D just merged with this one and suggested Bleckner did this operation, even though Zohair Alam had been seeing me for years prior & did surgery on my wife before at Washington Adventist Hospital because i was already seeing him, and he says he does do shoulder surgery on his web site, he felt Bleckner was better on this. I told Alam that after he sent me to Bleckner, I did look for the best surgeon for this kind of surgery and Bleckners name did not come up. I told Alam who I found and he knew of him and said he was good, but he did not take insurance. So I told Alam if he feels Bleckner is ok, than fine.

I took his advice which was a great mistake. Alam knew me for years & Bleckner maybe one or two visits and I highly doubt Alam would have walked out if he read what I wrote 10 days prior like Bleckner did. I have not mentioned Alam in any prior comments, but I did write & speak to Alam and told him what happened and I would no longer use him as my doctor or my wife. If Alam had any sense, he would never refer Bleckner to any of his patients again.

So if you were in Perop, you should know I never cussed any particular nurse out or threw anything at anyone like Eig said and who knows what he based it on. All I know is I was mad but I never did any of that. I believe anyone would be mad if they took off work and so did my wife and she was there at the time all of this took place but no one asked me anything more after my complaint or my wife. So it was one sided.

I offered to take a polygraph test but they would not agree to accept it or take one themselves. To bar me from having elective surgery is plain ***. I have only had one other surgery there all my life as I recall but had surgeries at other hospitals and surgical locations, so I really do not care what Holy *** does. If I need to go in for an emergency, they cant refuse me by "law".

I do know if I ever hear that Holy Cross discloses this to another doctor that I happen to see or anyone, I will file suit for slander. I just settled a case for something similar after going to court. When people go on the stand and lie and get caught, it is not a good thing and they got caught to many times. As I said before, my wife will not lie because of her job.

I cannot disclose on here where she works because of her security level, but she knows I did not do what they said and she was standing right beside me. So bottom line, I believe you are lying and I doubt you were in fact there because anyone could make your statement based on what I said happened above. Or Bleckner put you up to this or it is Bleckner his self again. You did not give one fact that I did not write before and only someone that was there would know.

I will now state Doctor Alam is not fit to be a doctor as well. If he writes on his own BIO that he specializes in shoulders, than he has very little faith in his own capabilities as a surgeon. So for all you BS people that have wrote I have issues, tell me what I have done to Holy *** Hospital or Eig etc in over two years since this incident? Nothing!

I guess you do not know I was at the emergency room at Holy Cross about 8 months ago. I had no complaints with the staff or doctors but I did with billing. They had my insurance information in there system already when I got there, but kept billing me instead of the insurance company. I also did bring up the fact that the room they put me in was filthy in the corners of the floor.

I think that is very poor for a hospital or any medical facility. I have been in gas station, McDonalds, Walmart and most restaurants bathrooms cleaner than that room was. As for the staff and doctors who I saw, I gave them a good rating. No one knew who I was or knew of the prior incident so they treated me as I expected to be treated.

I treated them with the same respect. So the old saying still stands, treat people like you want to be treated and all is fine.

As for you , your either Blectner or a friend of someone at Holy *** Hospital and an ***. No doubt slow, almost three years later?

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