Laverne Qmn

They ripped off my son for almost 400.00, They won't return his calls and when I called for him they hung up on me as soon as I mentioned a refund. He almost screamed at me....THERE ARE NO REFUNDS...yet on their website they advertise that the 3 years program is free ????? People like this need to be stopped. My son is young and out on his own, he works super hard to get every dime he earns unlike these people who steal it from innocent hard working and trusing people. Something has to be done, if anything at least put the word out to anyone and everyone
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very rude and condescending people that don't really know much about how showbiz really works at all /appears to some kind of scam but don't know much about them

fuckhollywoodauditions M
map-marker San Francisco, California

Hollywood Auditions Previous Employee

Here's the bottom line...I used to work for them and yes, very shady things go on inside the walls of that establishment. In my time working there I realized that the whole company is a drug front. The President Mike Riley and supervisor Kurt Taylor are the ones in charge of it all (who are both always very loaded on the job). Countless times did i see strange characters walk into the office straight past the receptionist into mikes office get what they needed and as their walking out kurt says "he took care of you?" Anyways, why do you guys get mad at the employees or so called "talent reps"? When interviewed and hired we are all told, your going to make more money than any other job, your going to have an important position in the entertainment industry. Hello sign me up right? NO! your put in an office cubical with a p.o.s. phone number and given a script telling you exactly what to say. Once they have you set up at a desk Kurt says "stick to the script, it will get you the cards" (credit card numbers). as he goes back into his office and takes calls all day from people who want their money back. Look I needed to pay my bills I needed to provide for my family, all this stuff about company legitimacy started to unfold slowly (and then I quit). But what you people need to realize is that NOBODY, NOBODY, NOBODY who works there goes by their real name. Blast these people all you want online in these blogs but good luck finding them, its not their real name. and really all it is at the end of the day is blog chatter nothing is going to happen to them. See the reason they have been in bu business for ten or twelve years or whatever the *** is because of two things...1. all you guys do is blog about it on these scam and ripoff sites, DO SOMETHING MORE ABOUT IT AND SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN!! Nothing is going to happen to them because of one or a thousand scam reports. and they go on the scam blog reports anyways and write *** testimonials backing up the company! 2. They are smarter than you, when you get a phone call from them they say very technical words that walk a gray line such as...were a talent marketing firm, we are your talent rep, membership, help you as much as i can. The people who are excited to give over their credit card number thinking there being promised overnight celebrity status this is what they heard...were a full service agency, we want to be your agent, we will make you a celebrity overnight!. get the picture???? once the no sleep stage high wears off on these people and they realize "oh *** i just gave away nearly 400 bucks to people i don't know wait Ima call them back and get that money i made a boo boo. well they wont return my money cause its a "membership" boohoo ima write a scam report. sorry sweetie that's not getting your money back nor will it affect the company, they get a quarter million hits on their website a month, its on to the next "client" Do what you want with this you guys eat it up got plenty of more info just ask cant post big stuff though because people, WOULD GO TO JAIL and another thing as much as you hate the company, dont hate the employees , they get reated and are left in the dark just like the clients!!!
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The last person who worked for HA (and I know who you are) was probably one of the most lazy, unmotivated, employees to exist in our office. The fact that you were inadequate at your job is no reason to claim falsehoods that are asinine: such as that there is a "drug ring" going on!

How pathetic you are. It is laughable. If you know ANYTHING about business, why would the president of the company have to explain to you his business transactions? .

When I see this myriad of false information, it makes me irate. You have written a complete and utter lies and deserved to be sued for slander.

I have been with the company for three years, and am successful. What was your problem???


I ain't so lucky

An' ain't so wise

Them *** had me

Hip no tize

I went 2 tha room

An' sign tha line

Paid my cash

An' now I whine

Shooda tooka page

From Weird Al:

"The check's in the really."


I got a call from a guy named banks from hollywood auditions so the whole thing is a scam cause I might sign on with them


so i got a voice message from a ryan owens at hollywood auditions. he stated they are looking for serious people only and if im not serious, do not call them back.

so i called and left a voice message. the next day, ryan owens called back and started talking about resume, head shots, Disney etc. then he asked for the 387 dollars. i told him i have never applied at hollywood auditions before.

he stated he was told to contact me because they got my number from a different site. so i told him that i will get back to him when i can. he was really nice to me..

of course thank god i didnt give him my credit card number... i regret giving him my birthday though.


What do we do to file an official complaint? These guys need to be taken down!

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No. You need to realize that your lazy *** does not get everything for free.

I am going to stay anonymous as I have been a client with them 6 years and see the *** that walk in and out and then want something for free. I did my training as they suggested, went to my auditions, and am now doing quite well as a SAG artist. Not EVERYONE possesses the talent to be an actress or a model. They give you ALL the tools you need to succeed.

But you people are so lazy that you just want everything done for you.

Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Get your *** out there and memorize a monologue and go to an audition already!


if they dont take down my photos, they are going to court, my lawyer may need your information in order to contact them

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You are all self- entitled and have NO clue how the industry works. You believe you shouldn't have to pay to invest in your career, expect their employees to be at your beckon call, and are simply lazy.

All of your ignorance is astounding. Instead of taking the directions dictated to assist you, you chose to ignore. Then, when nothing is submitted on your end, as necessary you claim you wan a refund. Yes, he ignorant "customers" should give the employees at HA a refund for wasting their time.

@ Angry: if you follow the directions that are layer out in black and white, the only person to blame is yourself. Court? Please, they will laugh at you. That company deals with thieves all the time.

I have been with HA for years and have booked A GREAT AMOUNT of work because I LISTENED. Due to your negative attitudes it's a good thing Michael didn't waste his time.

I give him Kudos for always putting me in the right direction and helping me grow! You are the best.....and deserve credit where credit is due.

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I know who "The Truth" is and he is actually now very famous. We appreciate your support!

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map-marker Granada Hills, California

Oh Boy.. Don't get me started on these guys!

Well.. i called in 2 months ago to get more info.. I was just about to give Bill Cambell my credit card and something inside said wait. Well I read the reviews here and understood why. I got a call three weeks ago again from Bill Cambell. Stupidly I ended giving him my credit card. He told me to trust him. Four days later he called and told me about an audition he submitted for me. I was thinking yeah right. I received a call the next day for the audition. It was an MTV reality show. I got along great with the casting director. They called me back yesturday.. I got the part!!! $23,000 for the first 6 episodes!!! I am so excited it's my first speaking role. These guys are the real Deal. He told me they don't get you the work but they give us the oppurtunity. He's right. It's up to us. When we don't get work we have to blame someone right? I Love you guys. If you are reading this..Thanks Bill! I'm sorry for doubting. I just need to believe in myself!
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I work at this company and even I know we scam people. We just want your money. It's a fraudulent and illegal company.

map-marker Norfolk, Virginia

Hollywood auditions is a scam

I signed a contract for Hollywood auditions.They called a few hours later,They said go to our website if you have any questions.So I did it turns out they get your resume and don't do anything.I was so mad.Here's a hint only go to snail mail audition or have an agent or manager to help you.On the cruel audition world.Like John Casablanca's that the greatest of all.I went there for seven weeks for modeling. Always be c-a-r-e-f-u-l when on websites about auditions.!!!PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PARAGRAPH.
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It is a total scam! They don't answer the phone and they won't take down pictures of me that are 7 years old.

I can't stand people that do this stuff. Does anyone know how to get my pics off of google that keep coming up from Hollywood auditions??

Please help!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-783123

Do you know the definition of the word "scam,?" You gave them your money and they provided you with a legitimate service. I know who you are. Just because you were not successful at acting and a failure does not mean that company is a "scam."


So how do you get to the Agencies that don't charge unless you get paid because I have been trying to get into acting for years :upset


Hollywood Auditions is not a scam. It is lazy people like you who want everything for free and think that someone will discover you in a mall that ruin a reputation of a good company.

You all know nothing about the industry. I have had a huge success rate with the company because I LISTENED to what they had to say and followed direction. The rest of you simply sit on your *** and expect to be famous. That's not how the industry works.

What you put in you get out. Hollywood Auditions is the #1 casting service in North America. How do you think it got that way?

By providing the service it promises. By all of your negative attitudes, nobody would work with you anyway.

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Thats pretty funny. They are a scam.

They never even set up an audition with me. All they did was email me. Then they ask for money before they sign me? Its a scam.

If it was real then they would sign me first then make me pay. So no one should give them money.

Look up ways to tell if the company is fake! It states almost everything that this company has done.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-739057

You are dumber than a rock. You receive auditions every week that YOU need to submit for because you are not qualified enough to get an agency.

What is wrong with idiots like you! Just because you pay a measly $300 you expect to be famous?

You have no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not their fault.

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hahaha! No.

You're wrong. Agencies DO NOT ask for money upfront, if they do it's a scam. If agencies really needed money to "put" stuff together then they will find you a job and take from that, they WILL NOT take money upfront or even ask for if they are legitimate. Oh and by the way, all of us are not *** negative, get it right and go head and waste your money on a casting service that dont guarantee you *** You do not know what you're talking about.

stop lying to people to get them to waste money.

okay :grin byeee lol i just cant get over how you actually believe your self about that and you believed yourself so much that you criticized people you dont even know! wow, what a great person you are!


They are a complete scam! Don't give them any money! Please guys don't do it :(


Hollywood auditions is a scam and they refuse to remove my pictures from their website! I have asked on multiple occasions. They just keep all of these inactive profiles of people up to try and show that all those people are clients of theirs when in fact we all just got stuck on their website.


I was contacted today about having my son sign up and that they only had 1 spot in our area left and i needed to do it today. one yr for $199 or three years for $389.

I told Jason 805-991-**** that I would have to review the information and get back with him.

After reading all these scam messages, I will not be calling back. Thanks for the web.

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