Jacquita Ibn
map-marker Carlsbad, California

Hoehn Motors - Terrible Service, Theft Problems, and Rude.

The customer service at Hoehn Motors GMC is terrible. They should be reported to GMC, which I will report. They also over price their cars even compared to other dealers in the area. I dropped off a brand new GMC Yukon for service due to the rear A/C not working. They told me it was the rear A/C pump not switching on due to a faulty rear actuator or switch. I took the car in and they ordered the wrong part. So I had to wait another day. When I picked up the Yukon, the rear A/C still did not work. They did not even have someone test it out. They could have easily sat in the rear of the Yukon to see if the rear of the car was blowing cold air like the front of the car. I tested a new one on the lot and the rear A/C worked fine. (When you fill up a flat tire do you not take a quick peak at the tire to see if it is inflated? Of course you do.) Mine was not working or blowing cold air in the rear of the Yukon. Then to find out they also disconnected or broke the rear cigarette charger port in the trunk area. The rear charger port was working fine before I dropped it off as I had a cooler plugged in that charger port so I knew it worked, and now it does not. (I know they opened up the rear passenger inside quarter panel to gain access to the A/C switch which is right where the charging port is located (they told me this is the exact spot they opened up) so I know for a fact they opened up and worked on the exact area where the charging port is located. The service desk and service salesperson were terrible at customer service. The service scheduling person flat out lied to me. He me they would cover 100% of the car rental, they did not. I asked to speak to a manager, the service desk told me there were no managers in the office at the time. I went to a car salesperson who told me the managers or GM were in a meeting and will be out shortly, Again another lie. So when the general manager came out I told him my issues with the car, level of poor service, and he was rude to me, he told me he can take the car back to the shop and diagnose the problem again in 5 mins. Again another lie. When I asked him again to make certain I would be out in 5 min., he said no it will take 45 min. to have the car back to me with the problem identified. When I asked to speak to the service manager to discuss the issue, he told me the service manager will be there in 15 mins. I waited 45 min. Still no show. Plus when I picked up the car my phone charing cable was missing. I even offered to cut a check of $5,000 to flip me into a new Yukon (which mine was 8 days old) just to avoid the headache since all I have is my time. He declined and was rude to me about my offer. Tustin GMC, where I leased the car are great, but Hoehn GMC service is horrendous. I will never buy or service any car owned by Hoehn, ever. Poor customer service, they lie, I had a theft issue, and down right rude to the customer. Not even Honda or Toyota has this poor level of service. They should be fined and pay for my time. Tustin GMC told me they will compensate me for all the troubles. Hoehn offered nothing but lies, rude service, do not care about the level of service, and have theft issues. Beware of Hoehn Motors unless you don't care about the level of service you obtain.
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Poor customer service

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