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Went to checkout in Hammond, Louisiana and a cashier walked up and stated she was opening on register 6. So me and my mom got in the line. She proceeds to tell us that she has to check the people out behind us because they were there first. We politely got into another...
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Anonymous Hi current HL employee here. Yes it is the stores policy to help the customers who have been waiting in line longer before the ones that just walk up at the end of the line wh...


Anonymous Let me get this straight, you did not like that other customers who were waiting before you, get to be checked out before you? Are you kidding me? How about doing the right t...

I went into Hobby Lobby in Tulsa, OK expecting to get store credit for three items I recieved as a gift. No, I could not provide a receipt because someone had purchased the items for me. And I made a narrow guess to what store the items may have been purchased at. A...
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fauxnewz Sounds like you're the racist one here, blindly attributing you being an *** because of your race. How dare you, I hope they threw your items away.


Kate I don't think the manager had a right to keep your items, there would be no way I would have left that store without them! However, because there is so much shop lifting these...

I have enjoyed going to the different Hobby Lobbies near my local to buy supplies for my interests and hobbies, but recently I applied to four different stores for seasonal employment and have gotten the run around. I have spoken to the managers in each store and they...
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Anonymous Age discrimination is alive and rampant and the people who have slammed the OP will realize it all too well someday.


Anonymous for someone who is supposed to be older and more mature you sure don't act your age. You cannot cry discrimination when you obviously don't have the skills to do the job, you...

Rude Cashier Review

Bad customer service, rude and racist cashiers.
I used a gift card at Hobby Lobby. Upon returning the items without the card, I was told that the refund had to go back on the card. I returned with the card and was then told by the cashier that the refund would be made in cash. The manager was summoned and he told me...
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Anonymous Bottom line is did you get a refund? Onto the old gift card, a new gift card or in shouldn't matter to you as long as you got your money back. All it cost you was a ...


Anonymous Your gift card was, in effect, the receipt. You didn't take it with you, which isn't really their fault. How were they to go what you wanted, "put the money back on the car...

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