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I was blocked for weeks several times and no longer wanted to deal with censorship, yet all those that did the same on the Democratic side were let go, even the guy that wanted me dead and my whole generation.
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User's recommendation: You can't fix stupid so don't try.

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What does Dallas, TX have to do with a company in Marietta, GA?

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Hoa communit management - a town-home management company

The owner operator of HOA Community Management "We manage, as if we live in the neighborhood" is trying to make a living by sending late notices to home owners saying they are late on the dues, giving them a date to pay or make arrangements by and then prior to the ending date on the notice files suite in local court. They then add to your account over 200.00 additional dollars. you call and make arrangements, sign and send back agreement and pay as agreed, they then send you another letter stating you are still late, add the fee's again and start the process over again. All fees they charge go in their own pocket and they call it a inconvenience charge. Please do not do business with this Home Owners Management Company. They try and sell you on a small monthly fee and then screw homeowners to recover the difference by adding fee's upon fee's, sending harassing letters and making no improvements to the community. They want your money to improve their portfolio so they can lure in additional clients. They make mistakes on multiple accounts and send out harassing letters to people who are current on dues. Please don't fall for it!!!!
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