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Driver entered an entrance ramp from a lane not dedicated to turning. Number 557B driver put others lives in jeopardy turning from another lane. Deserves a ticket. Will be reporting to police.
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Ho Ho Ho Express - Driver Almost Ran Me Off The ROAD!

Driving west bound in Texas outside El Paso about 350 miles and was almost run off the road by a Trucker driving for this company. Called the company, reported it to law enforcement, Ho Ho Ho never once called me back to say they had taken any action against the driver. This man veered into my lane and just looked at me as I was going into the center divider. No emotion, no reaction. I honked my horn and only then did he decide to get back in his lane and then immediately got off on the next exit knowing the area was so remote I would not have been able to turn back to confront him for another 35 + miles to the next exit. The company is negligent, they hire reckless truckers who obviously take pride in horrifying defenseless drivers who are stuck in no man's land. No attorney would take the case because I hadnt actually been hurt, just forced into the center lane as this sick evil a*hole drives across the country terrorizing other motorists. Bad Company and Sick Employees, they are a nightmare waiting to happen. Address: 6333 Rothway St, Houston, TX 77040 Phone:(281) 820-****
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Today I saw similar driving in Houston, TX by the same company Ho Ho Ho Express Inc. The driver was going 70+ in a 40 mph, swerving between lanes and tried to pass another car using the shoulder.

This was on a highway service road with regular stop lights. It was extremely dangerous.


The company did pay very low salary, the greedy owner will have a nightmare very soon. That' s for sure.

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