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I liked the format of the Nancy Grace show and that of Jane Velez when she had a show. I can get big news stories on any channel but their shows focused on the smaller, who went missing today in any of the states, who was killed today and the investigation into it, etc. It was very interesting. Is that same format going to continue now that Grace and Velez are both gone? Dr. Drew's format was also quite good, especially prior to the audience...
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KissMeImABBW I so agree with you. HLN was once the place to be when it came to television.

HLN started doing a lot of the trials so I started watching them each and every day except on the weekends. I loved Nancy Grace ministries, that was canceled. Vinny Politan is gone, Ryan Smith, and now the latest Dr. Drew And Nancy Grace. So instead of watching the station from approximately 10:30 am till Nancy Grace went off at 9:00. Due to Dr. Drew cancellation I'm now only watching the station one hour a day and that's from 8 PM to 9 PM. ...
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I just really feel Nancy Grace is arrogant especially when watching an episode where her own colleague Mike Galanos was also reporting with her and she proceeds to call him out! REALLY???? And how she uses people's full name while doing so. Even if it's from her own staff!!!!! Everyone is tired of watching her act like the only one in the world who knows anything, and of course the finest and most knowledgeable attorney ever to grace us with her...
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Hln Nancy Grace Tv Show Review

I cannot stand Nancy Grace at all. I think it could be a good show with someone other than Nancy Grace. She is unbelievably obnoxious and I refuse to watch this as long as she runs the show.

Your taking all the good shows off your network also I heard Nancy Grace was going to be taken off the air. I also enjoyed live court TV your cutting thAt down, too. Micala or whatever is boring. I can watch news shows anytime, your network had something different. also why do you have complain with a 100 word limit ? Also dumb idea! Well I will keep typing until I can submit this complaint. Though I do enjoy Forensic Files. please read...
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May 24, 2016 I listened to Nancy Grace and the subject matter was Mr. Bill Cosby to start then ended with some story about Deputy suspected in homicide as family wants to exhume body and re-open investigation. Cosby: People said, "Don't interfere", "Leave it alone"... was stated by some lady Grace allowed to speak. Well, "who" are these "People", how many are there, and why did "they" say this? Who are you and where are your sources? The very...
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