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it was a 55 in picture, would have thought it would have lastest a year,noy a happy camper,got up at 1 am no picture, tried everthing,can itn be fixed or not does someone want to reinburmuse for this? i bet not. it was a smart tv also, we loved it i will never buy another one of your products again, if nothing gets resolved out of this. we thoughtn we take a chance with the product name, should have listen to our inner thoughts on this one ,...
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Purchased a 32 inch Hisense in December 2011. Because the 32 inch Hisense that was purchased in December 2011 worked so well, I bought a 55 inch Hisense Smart TV in April 2013. The 55 inch went out in September 2015 - no logo, no picture or sound, just a greyish/black screen. It was out of warranty and Hisense would do nothing when I contacted them. As of June 2016, the 32 inch Hisense went out - no logo, no picture or sound, just a...
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I liked
  • First year of a clear picture
I didn't like
  • Quality
Since Walmart's warranty does kick in until after the 2 years, allowing Hisense to send out as many faulty TV's as they wish with impunity, hoping you'd become exhausted and give up. The real reason for this 2 year warranty is that, if Walmart issued a refund or gift card, they'll send the defective TV back to the manufacturer (Hisense). Once returned to Hisense, they will have to give Walmart a credit or risk having their products taken off...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to about receiving a refund
  • Not getting a refund after 5 failed repair attempts
  • 5 attempts to fix tv to no avail but no refund or store credit