We had the same issue.. were given a quote of $200 and in the end the bill was well over $500 and when i asked why were we not called about the bill increase, we were told the owner does not have time to call customers. When I said it is the law, the family just laughed. Months later, when we got the bike back, it ran worse than when we brought it to them. We ended up taking it somewhere. They place is so crooked. Cash only, well lets see what happens with the IRS, yes they were reported and was told of the practice.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Very poor service, very poor repairs and horrible customer service.

Brought my bike for repairs. HC had the bike for a month before he called me back. They could not provide an estimate nor give an estimate of how long the bike would be there. Three weeks later I went to HC, because phone calls were not returned. He hadn't finished the bike, but had another excuse. Race week took priority over my repairs, so they couldn't get to it. A mechanic quit, There was too much to do. .Two months later, still had the bike, couldn't give an estimate for the astronomical bill, can't return phone calls. All the guy does is give excuses that end up costing lots of money. Very unsatisfied with all aspects of service.
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I have to agree with this and other comments that I've found on this place. I had almost the exact same experience and I found out way too late that this place should be avoided like the plague.

It was all BS all the time and the place is run more like a nut house than a business. Stay way away from this place!

And no matter what kind of spin the owner puts on things, you can be guaranteed it's not true. There are just too many people who have had the same experiences.

Gorky D
map-marker Auburn, Massachusetts

Hingham Cycle

He got me for $1360 (NOT INCLUDING THE $100 I PAID FOR A USED STARTER I HAD TO GET TO REPLACE THE ONE THEY BROKE). The estimate I chose was $1082. My bike was in the shop for 1 month and 28 days. It took from 7/18(dates estimate was given) until 8/13 until repairs were final. So here is my HORRIFIC experience with this place. I bought a bike and two weeks later motor spins a bearing and the dealer referred me to this business. From the very start it has been nothing but excuses, 3 weeks just to get an estimate, then the estimate gave me 3 options, 1 take as is $400 (just diagnosis and dismantle)2. repair cylinder #1 $1082 & 3 complete rebuild $1800, so i ask him well if we go with option 2 i should be good to ride right? he say "I wouldnt put her on the track but yes". I asked JIM when would the repairs be done by? Jim stated in 7-10 business days. I called Jim back on 7/23 to see if repairs were going as they are suppose to. I was told the pieces that were order came in the wrong size and it would take another week to get the correct piece. This went on for about 3 weeks. I was called on 8/13 by JIM to state that he did the repairs and that there was still problems with the bike. I asked him if he was willing to take care of this and his response was he would but at my cost. I ended up just picking up the bike as is(It still not fixed) and just pay to get my bike from his hands.Long story short the motor was knocking within 20 min of riding it back to work,( SO IM BACK TO SQUARE 1). Oh and there is plastics missing from the body as well. I asked him about the piece and his response was ''the tow truck brought it to me like that''. I DOCUMENTED EVERYTHING, any one trying to contest this review can address me directly as i have EVERY SECOND OF THIS EXPERIENCE VIDEO RECORDED for legal reasons. BBB & ATTN GENERAL here i come. This is your average scam mechanic tends to master. I showed up to make a $500 deposite towards the repair and this guy was so rude to me and my wife that my wife cried on the way home,once i saw the 3 BIG 666 tattooed to this guys arm. I knew this was not going to be fun. And as to the reply "THE OWNER" posted is false ,in my case i was offered an option that should have NOT BEEN in the estimate which is the option I chose. not to mention this place has no concept what so ever as to what the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE means.
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Your full of it you not only gave the bike back still damaged but you also charge and extra $200 that you could not explain how it came about or itemize the labor, but also you did not asseble the stator correctly which caused it to crash the internals and short out the computer, and you knew this because you addressed to the customer before he picked up also he filed a complaint with the BBB that you never answered to. Your shop is a rip off, oh and stop making it seem like you played a middle man on this false lawsuit you keep talking about that never took place, the dealer actually unlike your business took care of business and held up there end of the bargain, you in the other hand not only treated me and my wife like *** EVERY SINGLE TIME I stepped foot in your business but didn't deliver like a business should.

Oh and by the way you're response is just a copy and paste of the other bad reviews. Be professional and handle a business like a real business.


I completely understand your frustration with the bike you bought from someone else and the aggravation that comes with watching the riding season pass you by while your bike is in the shop. Unfortunately the bike you bought from the dealer had issues with it that were unforeseeable at the time of purchase which has left you feeling like you have been taken advantage of. As you know we are not the dealer that you purchased this bike from and we are not the people to blame. We are a service and repair shop that assisted you as best as we could under the circumstances.

You were involved in a lawsuit with the dealer that you purchased the bike from when you brought us the bike. During the time which we had your motorcycle we gladly spent time with all of the parties involved in the lawsuit at no additional cost to help you come to a resolve. When we examined your bike and discovered the issue we told you what was wrong and gave you some choices to choose from. We did this because we knew that your situation was unique and you needed options because money was tight. You elected the cheap repair to fix only part of the problem which was not our recommended course of action. We told you that it was not the final solution to the problem but only a Band-Aid repair.

The entire repair process was delayed by many things that were out of our control. Throughout this process you and the dealer were trying to figure out the details of your settlement, because of this no one involved knew how to proceed with the repair. I am sure that you have every aspect of this issue documented as would I in your position. This means that you have all of the documentation that we provided you with along with the full explanation of each decision that was made along the way.

Again, I am empathetic to your plight and I am truly sorry that your riding season was severely disrupted by an unfortunate series of events that did not involve Hingham Cycle. Since you are no longer legally allowed to criticize the dealer you are taking your anger and frustration out on us which is unfair to say the least.

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