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FALSE ADVERTISING AT IT'S BEST! DECEPTIVE with their online advertising. Saw a truck on their website so i called to confirm price for truck tied to a specific stock number and person confirmed price. I was later contacted by phone by a salesperson who also said price was correct i told her i would come up Sunday to see truck and if it was what i wanted i would purchase. I arrived on Sunday met with a third sales person who took me to truck and confirmed sale price. I was told i had to call back on Monday to speak with fleet sales manager as i wanted to purchase through my business. Fleet manager called me Monday morning and said he would send me price in an email. I got price and it was $5,000.00 more than ad. I asked why and he said ad did not include utility box. I told him 3 people confirmed price and he said they were wrong. Told me he was giving truck at cost. BS! I found same truck at another dealer for same advertised price. Will never go back to Hilltop Ford or Recommend them to anyone.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
map-marker Berkeley, California

Hilltop Ford service sucks

I think five out of five times is enough. Today, again after so many years, I took my vehicle in for service at Hilltop Ford in Richmond CA. These people don't know *** about their own cars. They don't know *** about vehicle servicing, mechanical issues, automobiles in general... They don't know *** about customer service, running a business, how to be helpful... Heck, these idiots don't know ***, period! With $500 cash in hand, I went in for a tranny fluid change. After some idiotic discussions with the guy in shirt and tie, then again with his big manager sitting at his comfy desk, I was so disappointed and distrustful that I turned around and walked out. On the way out, I had a disgusting "ground hogs day" moment "” several years ago, I had experienced the same frustration there! And that was after remembering they had ruined my brakes. Why do I keep giving them another chance?! I had already vowed to NEVER go back, but simply forgotten my vows! Holy crappola. I. Must. Avoid. This. Place. Forever.
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