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Ron Currier's Hilltop Chevy sold me a used Nissan which had a broken armrest. I noticed this when trying it out and was told they would fix it. In the end they tried to back out of fixing it but agreed to buy the part for me and I would install it. The part came in and was wrong. I had to get a part at the junkyard and paid for it myself and sent the other part back to them after being told I would be reimbursed. They received the part over a month ago and i heard nothing from them. I called them today and they claim that the manager purchased the part himself and is no longer there and when I asked for the current manager the salesman(Robert) claimed he was away and he hasn't seen him in months?? When I finally asked for the owner they connected me with the original manager(Josh) who I bought the car from(remember he was gone). He went on to tell me ten lies about why I couldn't be reimbursed for the part they bought and I returned to them. He finally made the mistake of mentioning a 25% restocking fee that they probably absorbed so I agreed to take the 75% reimbursement and now he has to get back to me on that in a few days. I have bought several cars in my lifetime and realize the creditability of the average salesman but this is the most dishonest group I have dealt with ever. I would strongly recommend that you stay away from them on any car purchase.
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Portsmouth chevy addmits Hilltop Chevy's mistake

Owner to 2007 chevy with blown tranny, Porstmouth Chevy Addmits that hilltop chevy went above and beyond to.... Here is the problem Hilltop chevy not only pushed the not warrantied issue they called a rep in, who goes what the mechanics are saying, and sign off not warrantable.. Portsmouth claims they would never do buisness like that they get more pay if they claim not warrantable.. so why would they want to warranty anything? Hilltop chevy is the worst, most scammiest dealership ever, i cannot believe the things i was hearing, everytime we went to Hilltop Chevy it was a different reason on why this could happen or what was wrong with the car just by talking to theses people you could tell they were lyining through there teeth.. I will not stop untill this is resolved...I just hope that they dont get away with ripping off another customer!
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In November I was interested in trading in my 2002 GMC Yukon, it had 173,000 miles on it and is still in almost perfect condition. The sales man and I looked up Kelly Blue Book value and as a trade in the condition and miles was $5,500.

The sales man a very nice and professional man went to the extremely loud and obnoxiouse sales manager with the info. He took my Yukon for a ride and said from his desk in the middle of the show room " I see these sell at auction for three grand every week and I won't give a penny more" yes we heard this from the corner desk we were seated at. The sales man came back over and sat down and before he could speak a word I said the blue book trade is what I would like but am willing to go down a bit but a far cry from $2,500... He then said the sales manager was only willing to go to $3,000 and I said ok I'm sorry you need to work with that guy.

He then said it bothered him because they have only sold 1 truck since they opened up the new store and the first truck was the couple he was dealing with at the same time as us.

The sales manager is a *** in my opinion and I won't do business there as long as he is around. I feel for the sales team that he can make or break there income.


The person who wrote this is the one not telling the truth. Portsmouth Chevy never made these comments, the problem here is the customer abused their car and now wants someone else to pay for their mistakes.

It is an unforunate situation but the warranty is clear,abuse is not covered.

GM does stand behind their customer I have many customer's who will atest to this. This nothing but sour grapes.

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2007 cobalt transmission blown!!! GM = joke!

Bought a brand new chevy cobalt ss with 120 miles first day check engine light, third day in shop with clogged cat. converter, which was coverd then starting off at a green light in traffic a peice of clutch seized flywheel, which blew up transmission spider gears and now its not coeverd because they claim abuse, so its abuse in traffic, they have no proff but the way the warrantys GM writes it leaves it up to a rep to decide and why whould they take a pay cut to help you out, 15k on car, not covered by there warranty its not even 1 year old, and they wonder why GM does not have the customer base they use too, nev er own GM there warrantys have so many loop holes its not even funny, Ron Curriers Hilltop Chevy Scam.. they will bend u right over before they help out a customer!!
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Everyone can get unlucky, and your story is a bad one. However, I have a 1993 Saturn with 166,000 miles and no problems, A 99 Jeep with 100,000 no prob, And Love my 1995 Firebird Convertible with 108,000 miles, And no Toyota will ever look as nice as the Bird, or Be more dependable than the rest of my lot.

I know this don't help much, but other Car Companys also have lemons, Research it here!


I have a 2007 chevy cobalt ss with a similar story. bought brand new complained of cluth slipping at 5k, 8k, 12k.

Also brought to dealer 4 times because the cruise control would not work. Everytime I brought the car in for the clutch i was told it was ok and it was just noted as stall/no issue. At 18 K and 1 1/2 years old the clutch went completely. I brought it in and was told that it was customer abuse and that the reason the cruise did not work was due to the clutch.

I told them to look into the records as i had complained about the cruise from 1k miles and the clutch from 5k miles. I have driven stick vehiclkes for over 15 years and never had a problem/never had to replace a clutch. I ended up going all the way up to chevy supervisor who told me there was no way to prove if it was abuse or not but the clutch was a wear part and only covered for 12 months/12k miles.

Even though the problem had been mentioned continually to different dealers i was told i would have to pay and then sue GM or specifically the dealerfor re-imbursement. I will never buy GM again !!


typical GM experience. the downfall of american cars continues

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