Cecilia Smith
map-marker Sacramento, California

Attendants Customer Service

Washing machines have flooded the wash house several times and the attendant always blames the customer by saying "you're putting the quarter in too many at a time, you're starting all the washing machines at one time (which is impossible if you have to count out the amount to start washing)". Dryers do not dry the clothes and when you tell the attendant the dry does not work, and you want your money back, the attendant tells you not to come back to that establishment. On January 17, 2022; too much happened, and he humiliated me and disrespected me for telling him that the appliance did not work. Those attendants need training.
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  • Washer and dryers not work properly attendants are disrepectful

Preferred solution: An apology and for the company proposes a solution.

User's recommendation: Not to wash at this establishment until they get their attendants under control.