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The boat has only 600 hours on it and has been professionally maintained its entire life. It was time to change out the manifolds and risers so ordered 2 full sets of HGE aluminum manifolds and risers as a set from Michigan Motorz. The kit came with bolts and gaskets. My boat is kept in the Connecticut River near Hartford so it was not going to be run in salt water. I had the manifolds and risers professionally installed and were happy that now...
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Capt. Marvin I almost believed you and didn't buy from Michigan Motorz, but after looking at the pitting, dude its your own effin fault! Just bought a set of manifolds from one of their co...


Anonymous This happens on ANY aluminum component being used in salt water OR freshwater. It could be an aluminum intake manifold, aluminum exhaust Y pipe, etc. Anyone who knows the basi...