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Do everyone a favor and pass this along to where we stand together as customers and do not rent from Hertz. We the people need to start taking a stand to work with honest and customer friendly companies, not corporations that are not true to their word. Jxxxx, We thank you for your response, however, Hertz failed to honor what we paid for; we are very unhappy customers. We reserved the vehicle for a 9 day rental and Hertz failed to honor our...
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I didn't like
  • Dishonest business practices
  • Customer service
  • Our experience
Rented a car in fortmyers fl for weekend. Thought I would rent from Hertz since I was a mile from the new corporate location. Booked online thru The reservation end up coming from a location six miles away. That location said they would change and have the rental come from the corporate location. The gentleman is spoke with said he call back. Still waiting for the call. I just kept what I had and was inconvenienced. When I rented the...
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Anonymous Not smoking in a rental car is common sense.
Not companies fault you don't actually read anything your supposed to. The facts are clearly listed on the websitye and probab...

I liked
  • Car
  • Pick up service
  • Car return fast
I didn't like
  • Told they would call back did not
  • No full disclosure
  • Reservations went thru wrong location
Showed up at the Hertz location this morning to get my reserved car. Agent smiled, handed me the keys, and said - it's a Toyota Camry, it's right out there, and it's dirty. We didn't have time to clean it. Guess what. It wasn't dirty - it was FILTHY! Guess what. It was Monday morning. The car had been turned in Friday. They had time, they just didn't give a ***. What if you checked into the hotel and they told you, "your room is...
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Hertz Toyota Car Rental Review

Car have problem. I am willing to pay for upgrade. No exchange possible. No return possible.