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I rented a car in Chicago (09/11/2016 - 09/15/2016), was my first time renting a car which happens to be with Hertz(unfortunately). I reserved a car online which was Sedan before arriving to Chicago. After visiting to the Hertz place in Chicago, i came to know there were no Sedan cars available and i had to update it to SUV. I then rented Nissan Rouge. On 15th of September i returned the car and received a bill of 713.10, not just this, they're...
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Hertz really disappointed me. I called several times as well as emailed them and didn't receive a single response. Finally I called and asked to speak to a 'Supervisor'.. What a waste of time. I explained that the car I received had no gas and was filthy..also I felt I had been overcharged. He basically said in a few words..'it sucks to be you lady'. No understanding. I asked for his name he said it was Michael and gave me his badge...
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Rented a car with prepaid option for 3 days at the rate of $33. Paid $99 upfront when booking a car. 2.Rented period was from 09/02 9:25 am to 09/05 09:25. This is total 3 days. However I returned the car on 09/04 at 18:45 PM. Means 15 hours early. 3.I took LIABILITY INS. SUPPLEMENT + UNINSURED MOTORIST PROTECTION. For 3 days it was total $62.82($41.85+$20.97) 4. LICENSE & TAX REIMBURSEMENT + Tax = $16.50 for 3 days 5. So I should have been...
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I didn't like
  • Awful customer service
  • Attitude
  • No such thing as a call back or any customer service whatsoever

Hertz Nissan Car Rental Review

Got a 2016 Nissan Rogue ( do to my vehicle being repaired) and spent a hour cleaning the inside. Covered with think dust, muddy floors and dog hair everywhere!! The smell is outrageous! Will never do business here again!
I rented through Priceline. When I went to pick up the car, the woman at the counter asked if a Nissan Sentra was OK, but that was all she asked. When it came time for me to sign the card with the information printed out, I couldn’t read it and I told her so (I only had my sunglasses), but I hadn’t anticipated problems because she had gone over charges. The card was also heavily marked up with Sharpie ink where she had underlined and doodled...
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