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Hersons Honda Car Repair Review

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My car was in the shop for 7 business days, 9 days total including weekends for 35hour job. However, the job was not done. They wanted me to bring my car either Wednesday or Thursday again to finish the job.
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  • Delay of service and job not done
Reason of review:
Order processing issue
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Worst Experience EVER

Don't bother going by their time estimate. If it says 3 days for a BUMPER it will take weeks and they'll have some ridiculous excuse every time as to why what should take 1-2 days MAX is not done. Absolutely terrible customer service and complete liars. Every time I called they would tell me a part that came in was wrong or some other BS. You and everyone else knows it only take a few days even for the most difficult cars to be fixed. This was complete BS and I hope no one ever has to go through the trouble that I did. I had to call every day at least 10 times a day and also get my insurance to call them to get my car back 2 1/2 weeks later
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Price reduction

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Pattern or practice of underestimating costs

When you get an estimate from Hersons Collision Center, you will most likely end up paying more than quoted. According to Nick, the assistant manager, 80 percent of the time they underestimate the cost of repairs. This admitted statistic suggests that Hersons Collision Center is engaging in a pattern or practice of preparing written estimates that underestimate the final cost of repairs. When asked why blending of colors was left off of an estimate, Barbara, the customer service person for Hersons, said she was told by the manager of the collision center that blending of colors is NEVER included in estimates. Mind you, we are not talking about hidden damage here, but a simple paint job of the type they have been performing every day for years, and are fully aware of what is involved. As a third party payer, I would not have approved an estimate from Hersons if I had known of this misleading practice. I complained bitterly when I approved, under protest, the more than 10 percent upward revision in price; they having reminded me that I would be delaying the repair and possibly causing extra rental car costs if I did not sign. I am going to stay away from Hersons in the future.
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I'm extemely happy with the service I received.

When my truck had some work to be done on the inside Herson's Collision Center did a really, really great job completing it in a timely manner. The results were remarkable. You could not tell that it had major damage. The paint job was good also. I recommend anyone to use their service. As a matter of fact I will be bringing my truck and the boyfriends truck to get detailed over there from now on. With them having to do interior work, it also had to be detailed, which the insurance covered. The detailed work was also very satisfactory.
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I do not recommend this body shop people beware with them. They messed up my 2010 brand new car,after messing it up they are making excuses after excused.My car still not fixed yet,every time they call me to pick up the car.When i go there i always get disappointed my car still not done yet. They are giving me so much headache im getting sick by this people,all the managers and stuff over there are incompetent for this job

Halea Yff
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Hersons honda collision center in Rockville, maryland

Am I the only one who had a very bad experience with "Hersons Honda Collision Center" in Rockville, Maryland ? I found the following link - I am having a problem with hersons honda collision center. I took my car there for paint repair. They tried to give it back to me with the paint all orange peeled and not repaired very well. They also scratched up and messed up the paint on one of my sideskirts as well as pretty much ripped one off. They said they're going to buff it and fix the paint on the skirts as well the orange peel. I dont think this is going to solve the problem. He said the paint was peely because it reacted with the older paint that was on the car. I am paying them over 1000$ for the repair. He said that they would have to strip the paint down to the metal for it to look right. When in the estimate I am clearly paying them for a body repair. I dunno what to do if they cant repair the paint correctly. They arent going to give me the car back w/o me paying them. But if they dont fix the car correctly I dont want to pay them for that. The guy first blamed the guy who gives the estimates, then the painter for not saying that he was having problems with the paint reacting with the old paint. Then they blame the sideskirt being messed up because it wasnt installed well when its screwed on. They ripped the fenderwell liner and thus made the skirt fall off. I just really dont know what to do, I think I might need a lawyer to deal with the shop because they're trying to rip me off. I get a head ache thinking about it. Know anyone I can talk too, tell me I have a case against the collision center if they cant fix it correctly. Thanks -Jai :( So, I am not the only one got ripped off by "Hersons Honda Collision Center". please share with us if "Hersons Honda Collision Center" did anything bad to you. Thanks.
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Eff Hersons I brought my car there for adoor replacement because i got git while parked. i pick the car up everything great paint great door fine.

car stalls at applying the brakes. they tell me that its not there problem because my car is highly modified.

i asked them define highly modified the "well sir the rims the exhaust and the tint" see where i am getting to *** them. so insurance is covering me to take else where Take to Revision Auto salon on east gude they are profesionals


I paid for a bumper replacement. While being worked on in the shop, they asked for additional payment, of more than 10% over the estimate, for blending of colors in the paint job.

This was not hidden damage, and it's not like this is the first car they have painted before. Nick, the assistant manager said they make underestimates everyday, and that "80% of jobs end up over the estimate".

I've been to other body repair ships and know that this is not the case. I'm going to stay away from Herson's.


Don't go there! They had my car for 3 weeks and charged $3K and it still is not right.

In my opinion, the work could have been done better in a high school automotive body shop class. The work performed on my door was incredibly poor. The first go round the inside door panel was not even attached. The door rattled and didn't close completely.

The second time, the door was snapped into clips they had not bothered to do the first time, so they said. The door still rattled and although the door closed better, still not completely. The third time around, being that they were still perplexed as to why the door was still rattling and did not close properly, they replaced the power window motor and added some soundproofing.

The door rattles a little now but in addition to the rattle it leaks when it rains or when it gets washed. So much for three is a charm.


I had my car fixed at Hersons after an accident and the insurance company paid $12000 for the repairs. When went to pick up the car, I noticed that the hood was not fitting as it used to fit, I had to push it really hard.

When I asked the representative, he was speaking as if it was normal and was not ready to compare it to other hondas in the body shop. When I told him that he is supposed to fix my car to the pre-accident condition, all he says was 'I dont know how your car was before the accident'.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.


I havent had any problems with Herson's Honda at all. I have been getting my vehicles from there and serviced there for years. I would 100% recommend this dealership and their collision center!


My parents picked Herson's Honda to fix their car after an accident because this is where they purchased their car, they figured it would be wise to have the car fixed where it came from because they might have better knowledge. Original estimates were around 4 grand and 1 week.

Its been 10 grand and 4 weeks. We are still waiting. At the rate we are going, we might as well had declare our vehicle totaled originally because kbb retail value of our car is only $14,000 in excellent condition BEFORE THE ACCIDENT. Coming back a full circle, we only got the car fixed because herson's told us the car WAS WORTH FIXING.

See where I'm going with this. In addition to that bit of fun fact, the first time they claimed the car was fixed it couldn't even be driven off the lot without fumes/smoke/badness *** out the entire front end of the car. Second time we picked it up after it was "fixed" as the car drove liquids were pouring out the bottom, "its just windshield fluid" they said. Our roof rack also went mysteriously missing, and one of the front rim/tire/entire wheel also suspiciously became mismatching to the other 3 since we last saw it.

My parents are only left with their wildest imaginations as to what else can happen when they go back to pick up the car for a 3rd round, possibly more. AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE.

THEY ARE FRAUDULENT AT THE VERY BEST. We are thinking about contacting a lawyer.


I too am having problem with Hersons Honda Collision Center. This body shop is dishonest at best, fraudulent at the worst.

I am dealing with a Guy named Tony of this shop to resolve some bad services received there.

I will write my experience once a conclusion is reached. Avoid this shop if you can.

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