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Cory Mc Clellan Maintenance & Duct Cleaning Troll Services Flagstaff, Az

Cory Mc Clellan from Flagstaff Arizona a small time maintenance man duct cleaner, does this to Companies all over the USA, he does not agree with when they School him on Issues he has not enough experience to speak about. So this is nothing new! , in fact, he uses Proxies that show hes from other states and cities among making false profiles to troll the companies that he picks fights with all over the web. Sadly, those Companies hard work and efforts suffer trolls like Cory. Hopefully Employers will see this and will not hire him based upon his flaming others who merely disagree with Cory. Cory is not mature or mentally stable enough to cope and deal with anyone Cory Disagrees with.
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Good customer service
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Try to tell him what is wrong or what it's doing and he is already fixed it in his mind. Hasn't even looked at the unit and can fix it with some special powers. Talks on his smartyphone whole time he is working and your paying for it. On that spacebook stuff postin how great he is. Never met anybody as full of their selve as this guy is. he has to tell you how great he is the whole tine he workin just do the work and shut up clown. Heck want me to put in a hundred words hire this guy and thats all you'll hear ia 100 words never shuts up just see if yo can find a screw driver and fixit already
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Aylana Cmo
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Updating Facebook on Service call

Spends time updating his Facebook account on the job. If i'm paying someone to fix something than fix it and brag about how great you are on your own time not on my friends dime. Friend watched him play with his smartphone the whole time he was working. Than looked at his Facebook page the next day. He was posting and bragging how great he was on their job. If you're going to work in ant field of service than do the service. Don't act like a teenager posting on Facebook when you're getting paid to work on a job by the hour.
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1. Henry does not spend time updating his facebook account on the job.

never has.

2. Henry always flat rates someone if the time is exceeded to fix anything, which Henry most always comes way under allotted time to fix or repair anything.

3. This is how we know your friend was not using Henry Refrigeration Service.

It is easy to assume the worst when you are told some malicious hearsay things to bad mouth someone and their work, but then you would just be not knowing what you are talking about. Henry does not like to text, or spend time on the Phone, if you were his customer you would know this. He says it is like a teenager as to texting.

People are jealous when it comes to competition, and exaggerate anything they possibly can and turn nothing into something wrong Henry Welcomes fair and honest competition, by offering other companies as a second opinion and offers a second free opinion himself. Henry does Brag when it comes to making his Customers Happy as anyone else would that is motivated by Quality Service and Happy Customers.

He Enjoys what he does, and it shows.

His work speaks for itself. ,)


ALL this Comments is the same Person Trolling, his name is Cory Mc Clellan , he is a Internet Troll, who is in the same industry as Henry, and had a few words with Henry. Cory feels he has to go onto multiple websites to make false statements to discredit and defame Henry.

Fact of the Matter is, Cory Mc Clellan is just jealous and feels threatened by Henry online in a Forum where Cory has been offended for not knowing what he is talking about as usual, And has tried to live off of others Experience, and tries to pass off others stories as his own.

Some People are just not all there. :eek


A *** is a ***, might be a half of a brain ac mechanic. :upset

If so leave the phone in the work truck and concentrate on the job your on :(

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Cory and One of his twenty Personalities is a Nut Job. Your Ip Address shows you are from Flagstaff Az.

Henry serviced our Business, and answered his Phone as anyone else does. He was off quickly and finished his work quickly. He also, takes pictures of the work he does and Model and Serial Numbers, than taking down notes. Anyone in the Business would know this is faster and better documentation.

Now, we know this is not Kathy, so you can go back to dreaming about *** people off at Henry.

He Knows what he is doing and is one of the best out there. his work speaks for itself.


Seen the movie money pit?? Yeap thats what that is.....

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:roll Carlos... say your name of your business since you supposedly know what you are talking about!

cmon lets hear it? LOL :eek


If you consider great service lip service, than Henrys Refer is your man. :zzz

I'm 72 years old and I thought I heard it all, until this clown came to town :(

:grin I never heard someone brag so much in all my life.

I encourage anyone else that had do deal with BS, to let people know.

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Johnny as if it were Johnny, Good Try Cory... you been trolling Henry since he called you out on Linked In Chief Engineer Forums for not knowing what you were talking about.

you dont need to feel threatened or feel offended about not knowing what you are talking about. Competition is part of the American Free Market.

get used to it. :grin


Henry is the messiah of heating and air. :grin I have nothing against any religion, at all.


If I want to get preached at by a old guy that knows everything , I'll call my grandpa. :eek

I just wanted my unit fixed not a sermon, one church service a week is enough for me.

Not some old man that knows everything, I'm 54 years old and I'm pretty smart.


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Cory Cory Cory.... you know there are meds for trolling Henry on the Internet and your 20 personalities.

lol for crying out loud dude... you are the biggest loser self nominated.

I bet your grand father would be disappointed of the man you grew up not to be. :x :eek :( :cry :grin

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